Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2012

It is with great joy that I am officially an alum of Texas A&M University.  My graduation ceremony was much like many other Aggie ceremonies that have celebrated the accomplishments of students with the exception of a few creative details.  It all started with the invitation.  I have never been one to do something like everyone else.  I like things to be unique.  To stand on their own.  To speak for themselves.  In order to accomplish this, I decided provide a glimpse into my college years.  The goal: capture what three years at A&M really looks like.  Of course, I was aided by my equally as creative sister to help reign in my college reminiscing and bring it onto paper.  The end product gives life to everything that made up my college career.

After the invitations were sent, it was time to design the top of my graduation cap.  The only problem was I was creatively stumped.  I hadn’t a clue how to decorate my cap.  After many weeks brainstorming and stewing over ideas, I settled on buttons.  I know, buttons.  Who thinks of putting buttons on a graduation cap?  Instead of following the norm and gluing rhinestone upon rhinestone, I opted for the less desirable and glitzy button.  This would showcase my craftiness and be cute all in one.  It seemed fitting to put a singular “r” on top (with the r-wall and all).   I ordered my buttons and hoped they would arrive in time.  Senioritis, along with procrastination, was making itself at home my last few weeks of college.  Thankfully, the buttons arrived in time for me to glue almost 300 of them onto my cap.  The only problem with my design was my simplicity turned into a complexity of color dots to decipher, much like a dot color blindness tests.  The first impressions by many included remarks such as “what is it?, it’s what?, an r……..oh I get it.”  Not really what I was going for; however, it was a good representation of me and awfully cute.  For those of you future graduates, I offer a few suggestions.  Keep it simple – simpler than what I did.  Make sure you have strong contrasting colors.  Prepare for burnt fingers, LOTS of glue spider                                            webs, and at least 3 hours of gluing.

What do you think?  Is it an r or a color dot eye test?

Between waiting and sleeplessness, I was more than ready when my graduation day arrived.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures in my cap and gown.  While this wasn’t planned, it worked out because deep down I despise the polyester bag and cardboard wobbling on my head.  I would like to know who decided that an educated person should wear a piece of cardboard on their head.  I can think of many better alternatives.  The good news – I received my tube, did not trip on stage, and played Scramble on my phone to pass the time during the 3 hour ceremony.  My two favorite parts were the ring turning and the war hymn.  My Aggie ring now faces the world showcasing a bright shining “12.”  I take pride in wearing my ring because it is a reminder of the character, achievement, and service the network of Aggies share.  The war hymn was a reminder of how we all are one. All the newly graduates joined arm in arm to show our Aggie spirit, much like this.

I spent my afternoon surrounded by family, enjoying their company, and capturing the moment.  Here are a few picture highlights.



My family teaches me new things every time we take pictures.  My grandpa will continue to be the cutest grandpa according to my friends.  Robyn will continue to have a ticklish fear of me.  And it is a sure bet that there will be laughs and memories shared by all. Indeed, “There is a time for everything”…especially “a time to laugh (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8).” This is homegrown joy.

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5 Responses to Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2012

  1. McKenna says:


    Buttons was a super cute idea! I can’t believe you never talked about this in class!!! Were there any rules from the University on what can/can’t go on your cap? I miss you already!!! I hope you have a blast this summer in DC! (I knew you’d get it!) 😀


  2. Well McKenna, buttons were decided as of Monday so I didn’t see you. There are no rules so you can have free creative reign. Now is the time to start dreaming up ideas, otherwise you’ll end up like me at a loss and only a few days to spare!

  3. McKenna says:

    hahaha yours is cute though! Don’t diss it girl! 🙂

  4. Momma says:

    Oh my goodness. You are doing such a good job!! I love the blog. And I will be faithfully depending on it once you are in D.C. like I did when Robyn was in Europe. So good!

  5. janette says:

    Ok, I didn’t realize until I saw these pictures (*weeks* ago when I read but didn’t post!) that until that moment I’d never seen pictures of your family! I need a tour of who’s who.

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