Moving, moving, moving – did I mention, I moved!

After graduation, finding out about the summer job, and lots and lots of boxes, moving day finally arrived!  I had the help of 3 trucks, 1 horse trailer, 4 friends, and of course the family. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the dining and living room full of the 50+ boxes and loads of furniture.  Enjoy the photo montage of the amazing packing skills.  I know everyone had their doubts whether everything would fit!

Here’s what packing and moving looks like in my world.

 Yes,  my truck looks like the Beverly Hillbillies.  I even took it for a spin around Bryan before I left to make sure nothing would blow out.


I was scrubbing away at the refrigerator when the trailer door was closed, but from what I was told, it was crammed to the roof!  Cramming was a theme of this move.  Anywhere there was a crack or opening, something was put in the gap.  We made the trek down Highway 21 until 117 miles later we were in San Marcos.  That left us with the second half of moving…unloading.  Luckily, unloading went faster than packing the trailer and we had everything inside in less than 2 hours.   My dad and Jarrett, my younger brother,  streamlined the process with the help of a dolly and muscles.  My friend Kathryn, seen above, and Megan, who met us in San Marcos, stayed the night and helped with the enormous task of unpacking some 50+ boxes.  They were a huge help!  I would still be unloading boxes now if it wasn’t for their willingness.  What made unpacking even more fun was doing it with no air conditioning.  Come to find out today, the compressor blew up which left maintenance no other choice then to replace the whole unit.  New air conditioner…fine by me!  In addition to the lack of cool air, I am missing out on some other common conveniences of this modern world.  My microwave is missing from the apartment and there is no ice maker.  Needless to say, I’ve already gone through 10 lbs of ice and burned myself on a plate heated up in the oven.  Such small things make the biggest difference.  I think God is trying to show me where joy is really found.  Sometimes, I need to be reminded of the blessings He gives me each and every day.  There were many blessings in the friends and family who helped me start my next chapter of life.  And there are convenient blessings that He wants me to live without for a while!

Now for the good stuff…the apartment tour!!!

Today, I’m only showing off part of the rooms but tomorrow you’ll have the grand picture.  First up, my utility room.  Yes, you read that right, utility room.  I never would have dreamed of having a utility room in an apartment in college.  It holds a full size washer and dryer, my box of refinishing and junkin’ supplies, and LOTS of holiday decorations.  Can you spy Santa peeking out to say hello?

                    This is the view looking in.  There is a window in the back which                  makes the room even more lovely.


Left & right views

Next up, my bedroom.  I’m trying to take the simplicity approach.  I’m pretty pleased with the results.

                                             The view looking in from the door opening.                                                                                     No, I do not think blue velvet is attractive.                                                                                        That bench is my next project in waiting!                                                                                         It is a junkin’ treasure from Round Top.

View from the bathroom door opening.

My second favorite part of the room.  The stairs were found at Canton and I love love love them!  Many people don’t understand why someone would have stairs but I find their distressed finished is the shell of a story covering many years.  I imagine them coming from an old farm house.  I can see where balusters once called home and the years of dirt, wear, and tear on each step.  I think they work great as a nightstand.  A few details: window salvaged by Papa J and Nanny – my grandparents, the doll is from my grandmother’s collection, some favorite books, a sugar mold from Round Top, and a rugby ball from Notting Hill in London.

My nightstand and the red suitcase are both from Round Top.  Don’t worry those of you who have no idea what Round Top is.  I’ll be sure and write an entire post about junkin’ and treasure hunting at Round Top.  I repainted the aged Samsonite suitcase and livened it up with some fabric and flowers.

The area of my room that is my favorite is the wall with my dresser.

This area was inspired by the picture of my grandmother. I love the vintage look of the picture and the story behind it.  She is 5 years old and in a field on her family’s land.  Back then, photographers traveled around.  Her mother always told her that whenever a photographer came to their house (which was only every so often), that all the kids had to get their pictures taken.  Her mother appreciated the value of capturing a memory and the essence of her children.  I love that my great grandmother insisted on this picture!  The picture captures my grandmother’s kind, angelic, and gentle nature.  I know I am watched over constantly by her.

As for the caboodle of wall decor,  it is from here and there and everywhere.  The crosses I’ve collected from Canton and received some as gifts.  The angel is made out of old piano keys, rulers, bead board, a light bulb, and gear.  The hammered heart is from the neatest little store in Paris.  I wish it was in America too!  The top of the dresser is finished out with angels, a Ethiopian stone, and my jewelry box.  All of this is grounded by a free dresser found through Free Cycle.  It didn’t have the original knobs so I replaced the unoriginal ones with mercury glass beauties.  This was all fine until I got to one old knob that wouldn’t budge.  I tried so many different things but couldn’t get it off.  I meant to have my dad try his hand at it while he was here but forgot.  That left me with no other option. Since the old knobs were ceramic I knew I could crack it.  Out came the hammer.  That knob came flying off with one blow leaving behind the screw the was wound too tight.  I had to fight the screw with the hammer but as you can tell, I beat it.

The closet space in this apartment is limited to just the walk in closet in my bedroom.  I maximized the storage to the extreme.

View looking in from the bedroom.

Left side complete with Christmas tree, gift wrap cart, and winter coats.

                    Back wall – yes, I decorate my closet.  Megan makes fun of me for it.                     My thought is my Aggie stuff has to have a home somewhere.

Right side view.  The shirts aren’t color coded yet, but you just wait.  Once August rolls around and I have more time, they will be.  On the other side of my clothes, I have crates of towels and sheets because there isn’t a linen closet in the bathroom.

No apartment of mine is complete without an “r” wall.

The console table I refinished and put tin in the inset on top.  It was a $10 garage sale find.  It is the perfect dumping ground for my purse, keys, and mail.  For those of you who don’t understand why I might have an “r” wall, here is how it all started. The Christmas of my freshman year in college, while I was still in a dorm, both Robyn and I received a few “r’s” each for Christmas.  We already knew where we were living the next year and had the perfect solution for all the “r’s” – an “r” wall!  Since then, we have received and collected even more “r’s.”  This is half the collection (the other half being with Robyn) and fits so nicely on this little wall.  Many of the “r’s” are from Canton or Round Top.

Note: The jar has already been moved and replaced with an A&M suitcase.  It looked a little silly under the table.

While I’m really happy with the bedroom results and the “r” wall, my absolutely favorite spot in the entire apartment is my sun room.  I’m using it as an office and craft room.

This is the view looking in from the living room.  You get a sneak peek of my chair in the living room.

Left wall – soon enough those boxes will be sorted through and there will be pictures on my bulletin boards.

Right wall – This is the craft central hub.  The bookcase is the handiwork of Papa J, my step mom’s dad.  It houses my year books, card boxes, books, craft supplies, scrapbooking supplies, and some inspiration.  The wall hangings to the left will grow over time with inspiration and ideas. (I’m sorry about the picture quality – my hands were a little shaky!

Back wall – This window is my favorite!  I have a luscious pecan tree outside my window (which conveniently blocks the neighboring apartment complex) that reminds me of God’s beauty and peace found in nature.  I have no outside space with this apartment so this is a pretty good substitute.  The sun likes to stream in around 5ish every afternoon.  It’s wonderful!  I’m going to make a cushion for the trunk so it can be like a window seat.

Well that’s it for now.  Tomorrow I will finish posting the rest of the apartment.  Please let me know what you think!  I can’t wait for visitors in the fall.

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8 Responses to Moving, moving, moving – did I mention, I moved!

  1. Lauren says:

    Riley Hammond taking the simplistic approach? Just wait! That will change! I love it! Can’t wait to come visit! Is the couch long enough for me to stretch out? Because if it isn’t I will be sharing your bed!

  2. McKenna says:

    OMG RILEY!!! You’re totally going to come decorate my place if I move elsewhere for grad school!!! Your place is COMPLETELY adorable…and so put together!!!

  3. Liza says:

    I didn’t read of any instances of anything being broken so I guess everything was packed well. lol Your place looks GREAT! I cannot wait to read about DC so be sure and post….Everyday! If that is Lauren P. who posted earlier then I call the air mattress! haha

    • Nope, nothing broken which means you are one trusty packer! Once I finish the second half of the apartment post, I do hope to post a little something everyday. You may certainly have the air mattress or share my bed!!

  4. Kathryn says:

    Love the curtains in the sun room! They look good! Like Megan, I too think its weird to decorate a closet, but it sure suits you. 🙂 Im thinking the cross wall changed? It looks like some of them found a new home with your grandmother collage. Cant wait for everyone to see the rest! 🙂

  5. janette says:

    I am amazed at how cute it is. You have such a knack for decorating. I should have you work on my house! The R wall does make me sad, though, because I miss seeing you and Robyn together. :-/

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