You thought that was it…oh no, there’s more.

I forgot to welcome y’all yesterday.  Won’t you join me in my new place?  Come on in!

Part two of my new place continues.  I’m finding out that getting settled takes priority over blogging.  Soon, I hope to have short daily insights and updates!  Round two includes more pictures and less words.  Enjoy!

View from the living room and sun room.

View from the dining room.

One more view.  The kitchen is one of the least desirable spots in the apartment.  Who decided to paint the walls white instead of the tan color elsewhere beats me?  On the upside, there is plenty of storage and I now have a microwave!

Pantry #1 with a baking cart and everything!!

The roosters found a new coop.

Pantry #2


Views looking out of the kitchen.

View of living room from dining room.

A few notes: I still need to get some throw pillows, a plant, coasters, and a dough bowl for the coffee table.  I’ll have updates.  Don’t you worry.

Summer decorations

The inspiration!  A post about the chair is soon to come…you too can reupholster a chair!

Up close view of the canvases.  Love them!

More color inspiration: this is my first canvas ever from Canton.

View of dining room from living room.  It isn’t finished but I thought I might as well show you what it looks like.  The show piece I’m envisioning is a junky chandelier that I spray paint a bright color.

The other view out of the living room to the entry.  Please excuse my enormous pile of stuff in the way and the picture quality (they’re from my phone).

That’s it for pictures right now.  The bathroom is no where near ready.  It’s debut will be in August.  Tomorrow, I’ll share some thoughts on moving.  Get ready…I learned many lessons!

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One Response to You thought that was it…oh no, there’s more.

  1. Kathryn says:

    MICROWAVE! YAYYYYYY! I see the magnets found a new home. My favorite thing hands down is the living room. But I bet the dining room will be a contendor for that spot once you get the mirror up and find a chandelier.

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