Eight pounds too many, Shady Grove, and other places in between

Well I haven’t finished up on my moving lessons, but I had to let you know that I made it to my summer destination, that is Chevy Chase, Maryland (aka Washington D.C.).  More details tomorrow about what I am doing, but for now some pictures.

View out my window – good ol’ Southwest Airlines does things right.  The flight attendants were funnier than ever, the planes were on time, and my luggage made it to Baltimore Airport.

The time passed rather quickly while writing graduation thank you notes, reading this fabulous book, listening to some good music, and drinking my potentially last Dr. Pepper.

This is just a taste of the amount of luggage and stuff I packed.  I am going to be here for almost 3 months so I cut down as much as I could!  The best part is when I checked my luggage in Houston.  I checked a sleeping bag and my big 25″ suitcase.  I had been checking my suitcase as I packed it and knew that there was no way is was over 50 pounds.  I am after all a seasoned traveler with European experience.  Well God decided to give me an opportunity to choose joy.  My suitcase was 8 pounds overweight.  You must understand that I packed and crammed both of my suitcases and sleeping bag’s bag full already.  That didn’t matter to Southwest Airlines.  It was $50 or take things out.  I ended up leaving a pair of jeans and my travel pillow, which come to find out I probably don’t even need. Lesson learned…I’m shipping some of my stuff home before I fly back in August.  It was good laugh and start to my trip.

I had almost an hour and a half trip from the airport in Baltimore to Chevy Chase.  Within the past 6 hours I have flown, used the metro, and hailed a taxi in Shady Grove.  Yes, I am a believer in public transit.  All along the way I was met by many willing and kind people who helped me navigate the ropes of the Maryland/D.C. area.  I am safely at the National 4-H Conference Center and all settled into my room.  There will be a room tour soon (I promise it is shorter than the apartment tour!).  In the meantime, I will be available by phone, email, facebook, and the wonderful postal system!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE mail!  If you feel inclined to send some joy and love my way, please write me at:

JrNYLC Staff – Riley Hammond

7100 Connecticut Avenue

Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815

I love care packages, pictures, postcards, letters, cards, and anything else under the sun!  I may even feature you on the blog!

Until then, I will rest and settle in my new home for the summer.  Unlike the rest of you, I start work with training tomorrow on Memorial Day.  What do you know, my homegrown joy is planting roots in Washington D.C.

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