In the Jungle

Yesterday was my first day of training for JrNYLC (aka “Jr”) and it was wonderful!  It brought me back to the days of PAL training.  All of the Program Coordinators were very organized and well spoken.  The ice breakers and team builders were fantastic and now I have a few more added to my list.  We broken into small groups or pairs for most activities. For many of those activities we used flip charts.  Below are some of our creations.


In addition to using flip charts, we occasionally had to sing or hum.  My favorite singing activity was so funny!  We all had note cards under our chairs with a character.  Without talking, we had to find the rest of the characters in our category.  Singing was allowed – so you can imagine what our training room sounded like.   I had Timon from the Lion King so naturally I started singing “a weem a whop, a weem a whop, a weem a whop” from In the Jungle.  My other Lion King mates were singing as well which made finding them so easy. It made me think of the many times I’ve sung In the Jungle with Robyn.  Today I have more training without most of the fun.  Liabilities are in my future!  Get ready for a post on that!!

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One Response to In the Jungle

  1. Momma says:

    I loved the lion king image I conjured up! Great activity!

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