The Little Red Shopping Cart That Could

Last night I made my first venture out of the 4H Center.  An FA was going to Target so I tagged along.  The Target was only about 10 minutes away and was huge!  It had escalators and two elevators big enough to fit 3 shopping carts each.  I loaded up on everything I forgot or didn’t pack.

On the weekends, I have a 36 hour break.  They don’t provide meals and I don’t want to go out all the time, so I bought a $15 cooler and some easy microwaveable lunch and dinner options.  I feel like I’m going back to dorm life!  The target was attached to a mall so Danielle (the girl I rode with) and I stopped by the food court prior to shopping for dinner.  I now have dinner for the rest of this week.  Typically, dinner is provided once students arrive to the center.  Training week is the exception to a few of Jr’s normal practices. Anyway, I checked out and waited for Danielle.  I notice a sign on the inside front of my cart.  It said something about don’t remove the cart from the store, yadayadayada.   I didn’t pay too much attention to it.  I had seen cart outside when we walked in and decided I was going to test the cart.  Needless to say the cart and I fought like bumper cars.  Once out the doors, every few feet the front left wheel would lock and send me backwards. Danielle was laughing hysterically at my strong will to fight it and the ridiculous sight!  I did make it to the car but not without a struggle.  Enjoy the video which demonstrates Maryland isn’t the only place with incontrollable carts.

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2 Responses to The Little Red Shopping Cart That Could

  1. Lauren says:

    If you went to the D.C. mall, it is awesome! If you didn’t, you need to!!! There is a subway stop right there!

    I had no idea you were at the National 4-H Conference Center. Me and dad used to go there from year to year and talk to people and get tours and what not when I was in 4-H. That is so awesome! Is your camp connected to 4-H? It sounds like you are having a lot of fun! You could go stay with my uncle in Virginia Beach on your days off, but I’m not too sure you would really want to do that… lol.

  2. It wasn’t the DC mall but I’m making plans to visit DC hot spots on the weekends! The camp isn’t connected to 4-H. We use the facilities to host and house our conference. Many other groups that are unaffiliated with 4-H are here as well just using the center for housing. Ummm yeah, I think Callie would be a better option!

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