Connecticut Avenue – My Summer Home

It’s time for another tour!!  This time it is in another state with a roommate.  Now for the pictures.

Meet my roomie, Katie, from New Jersey.  She is a seasoned veteran for Jr.  This is her 4th cycle which means she knows just about any answer to my numerous questions.

Here’s my closet.  To the right is Katie’s side and the door to our room.  The room is much like a hotel room with a few extra perks!  I brought lots of clothes especially in the shoe department.  Lauren P. was wrong about 5 sweaters being too many.  The conference rooms are FREEZING!  Plus, I like having variety in the colors I wear.  It’s all about what color do I “feel” like wearing for the day.  All in all, great closet storage and set up.

Opposite the closet is the bathroom.  It’s pretty standard.  We have a little bit of counter over the toilet and storage under the vanity.

Walking from our bathroom, on the right is a lovely TV with DVD player (hint hint: if you send me mail, a dvd would fit perfectly in an envelope!).

We have a wonderful table next to the air conditioner.  It’s the make shift desk, craft table, and blogging central!  Bringing tacks was a smart plan.  I hung my niece’s drawing on the wall in addition to necklaces, scarfs, and belts in my closet.  That’s another thing to add to the envelope you’re sending me with mail….pictures and art make my room feel a little more like home.  My biggest hope is that we don’t have to switch rooms before the break!

My make shift pantry.  On the weekends, we are off for 36 hours and have to do meals on our own.  I found a few non-refrigerated meal options which are perfect.

My bed!  I brought my high school t-shirt quilt and lots of books.  That’s all for the tour because we’re about to be off going to all our sites in D.C.  Get ready for those pictures!

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5 Responses to Connecticut Avenue – My Summer Home

  1. Momma says:

    Loved the pics! Bathroom could definitely use some help, but oh well.

  2. Kathryn says:

    DVD’s? What, no Redbox there!? 😉

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