Saturday Out and About

Have any of you ever seen a rectangular tree?  I sure hadn’t.  Saturday I went out and about with Cheryl.  I loved all the green space and little nuggets of park atmosphere within the city scape.  After busing, taking the metro, and then walking, we made it to the Newseum.  The Newseum is an interactive museum designed solely around the components of news.  There are archived newspapers, objects from historic events, television reports, and many other fascinating exhibits.  Jr. took us the Newseum but the curriculum limits the FA’s to only take the scholars to a few key spots.  I wanted to see more than those spots, so we went back.  This morning, we will head to the White House, then the Newseum, and finally the Big Three.


The walls in the waiting area for the cafeteria line is lined with giant cartoons.  I love the Peanuts blown up image.  The first station for the scholars is the Berlin Wall.  It is much smaller in person than what I imagined.

I’m off to go tell scholars to get back in their rooms until 7:30 when breakfast starts.  I’ll report back with more Newseum news and stories galore.

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