A Day in My Shoes

Life here at Jr. is a little out of the ordinary.  It definitely is not predictable.  I thought I would give you a brief view of my daily schedule.  Depending on the day, depends on the start time.

6 or 7 am – wake up, blog, get ready

8 am – breakfast & morning SR meeting

8:30 am – answer any radio or phone calls, follow up with scholars, go by the office

11:00 (this time varies depending on what the site visits are for the day) – board buses and go to site visits

At site visits:  help with rotations, take pictures, answer radio and phone calls, etc.

5:00 pm – return to 4H center

The rest of the evening I am helping with dinner check outs, answering radio calls, checking in with other SRs, doing paperwork, and following up with students.

11 pm – lights out check and “off” work

Every day is different from the next and the first few have been VERY busy!  It is GO GO GO!  Last night, was a little slower than the previous and I hope that is the same for tonight.  My schedule may seem like I’m not doing a lot but I assure you the radio and phone calls seem to never stop.  Soon I will post “typical” radio talk!

A few “good things” to start your morning with.  A view from Harpers Ferry and a couple of scholars I helped do a rubbing at the Vietnam Memorial.  These are “good stuff.”

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