Bits and Pieces from Week 1 – Part 1

Well I have slacked off the past two days with my posts.  The good news is there are several coming your way.  To wrap up from the past week, I thought I would show my favorite moments, stories, and people.

This is Jordan, the night SR from last week, and Katie, my roomie.  The phone, radio, and clipboard Jordan has are always on me as well…we have lots of calls coming in.

The kids get an opportunity to see the White House on Day 2 of the conference.  The site visit is appropriately called “See, Snap, Go.”  There are only 20 minutes scheduled to get the kids off the buses, walk a couple of blocks, snap their picture, and go back to the buses.  Because of our limited time, I rarely got a kid to turn around and face my camera.  Instead, I captured their lined up faces and cameras against the rod iron fencing.

Meet Candice.  She is one of the PCs of Operations.  She was one of my first people of contact after applying for the job.  She is super fun and crazy!


I have a huge obsession with anything related to typography and letters.  This is from a display at the Newseum.  They have collected and arranged lots of old letter stamps.  I love this wall.  Can you spot the ‘r’?


At the Vietnam Memorial, SRs are responsible for helping scholars with rubbings. Basically, if the scholar has a family member on the wall, they’ll tell their FA who radios for SR.  I helped two scholars look up the location of the family members in the giant book of names. The names are arranged by panels and line count.  During training, we were told that if the line number is between 1 – 100 their isn’t a good chance that we will be able to reach the name because the panels are extremely tall.  After finding their coordinates, I said a prayer that maybe we would be able to reach the names.  Wonderfully, both names were in reach. The boy in the pictures called his mom and was so proud of finding the name.  It was truly a moment of joy in the midst of rushing to get them back to their buses (we were the last ones back to the buses – oops!).

Be back later with lots of silly faces for your entertainment and enjoyment!

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One Response to Bits and Pieces from Week 1 – Part 1

  1. Momma says:

    Well, that last item made me tear up!

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