Freedom of the Press

Saturday adventure blogs are finally here!  My first Saturday way back on June 4th is ready for its blog premiere.  The first stop of my day was to the Newseum.  The museum immerses visitors into all things related to the news.

The front of the building features the first amendment printed boldly on the side.  On the street level, there are cases of all of the daily news headlines.

The first stop on my tour was the roof top deck.  It has the best view of The Capitol in D.C. This is where I take group shots of all the LFGs.  The Capitol serves as a nice backdrop.

The Katrina exhibit features original pieces of plywood, daily front page headlines, and a map of death.

The architects of the Newseum are James S. Polshek FAIA, Robert D. Young AIA of Polshek Partnership Architects.  In all the buildings they design, they leave their signature.  For Polshek and Young, their signature comes in the form of cartoon characters. Gumby and Pokey to be correct.  Somewhere in their buildings they hide 4 inch tall action figures of these two.  In the Newseum, they happen to be hanging out on a ledge overlooking the entire museum.  Do you spy them?

For those of you who don’t know, my sister, Robyn, is studying to be an architect.  I think it would be so fun for her to have a signature object that she leaves behind in all her designs. Robyn, it’s time to start brainstorming.

Tim Russet’s office is recreated and on display.  His office is appropriately located  next to 1 of 2 television studios located within the Newseum.  The exhibit includes the sign Thou Shalt Not Whine, notes from Russet’s Meet the Press interview with George W. Bush, and of course his desk stacked high with papers, books, and notes on the latest news stories.


The 9/11 exhibit is exquisitely put together.  The headlines are strung together on one wall flanking part of the broadcast antenna from World Trade Center 1.


One of the most moving exhibits is the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery displaying the photographs of the year.  My favorite image is entitled Faith and Confidence.


Every image in the gallery features a description from the photographer who captured the precious moment in time.

This is just a tiny portion of everything the Newseum has to offer.  If you are in Washington D.C. or plan on visiting, the Newseum is a wonderful place to drop by.

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