Boston, Portland, and Providence All in One Week!

Last week was my break week from JrNYLC and I spent the majority of it traveling. I flew out to Boston and stayed with a college friend, Sandee, who is studying library sciences at Simmons College. Her generosity and hospitality was so appreciated…without her company, dorm room floor, and sleeping bag, I would have been homeless and lonely for the week.  Her dorm is an old building with original moldings and a five story wooden railing staircase.  Here are a few peeks at her room.  It has cute written all over it!

On my first day out and about, I went to Harvard Square. It is definitely a tourist hot spot! There is live music, lots of people, and chess games happening all within this 50 foot radius of the metro stop.

Right across the cobble stone streets, are the gates into Harvard.  It is a beautiful campus with so much green space!

There were lots of tour groups, colorful chairs, and gorgeous buildings. The walls even feature wonderful quotes! Who wouldn’t want to go to school here? I had a lovely afternoon in my green and pink chairs in the green space. I felt right at home nestled in with my book.



Harvard has a few churches on campus.  The Memorial Church featured beautiful Robin’s Egg Blue doors.  The other church I was not allowed to enter because they were hosting summer school in it; however, I did capture some of its gorgeous architecture.




A few more Harvard pictures.


After my afternoon exploring Harvard, Sandee and I met up to explore the Beacon Hill area.  On our way out of Cambridge, we met 3 Aggies.  The conversation went something like this:

Sandee: Those guys look like Texans.
Me: Yeah, they do.  Look at the one with the cowboy hat and boots.
Sandee: I think that’s Jeff on the right.
Me: Jeff who dated Carolyn?
Sandee: Yeah

Once we walked to the corner where they were, we realized it was Jeff!  What are the odds that we would run into an Aggie Catholic and two other Aggies right outside Harvard Square?  We chatted for a while and met Jeff’s friends. The guy in the cowboy hat and boots just graduated with Class of 2012 (Whoop!) from A&M.  In August, he is starting his Ph.D. at Harvard in Chemical Engineering.  Jeff and the other friend helped him move in and get settled.  It was so neat to bump into Aggies!  Unfortunately, we were so excited to see them that I forgot to snap a picture!

Miles 6 through 12 will continue on tomorrow’s blog.  Long walks were a theme of this trip. Get ready!

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