Miles 6 Through 12

This Saturday we walked many, MANY miles.  One of the places we ran into was MIT. Check out this awesome architecture.  I texted Robyn a picture and she immediately texted back “That’s a Frank Gehry building!  I saw my first one of his in Prague.”



Some of the buildings had shiny reflective siding perfect for pictures.  It took me several tries to get a keeper, but we sure had fun smiling at ourselves even if our heads were cut off in the picture!


MIT Sculptures


I can’t explain how many flowers I saw while I was in Boston.  Practically every street has flowers on it either in flower boxes, beds, or hanging baskets.  They are gorgeous and smell heavenly.  If I had to admit one thing Texas doesn’t have, it would be blooming beautiful flowers everywhere you go.  They are a wonderful example of homegrown joy.  What a delightful gift from God!

Around mile 8 or 9 we walked along the Charles River.  I love the Boston Skyline and river complete with sailboats and kayaks.


I love the rusty, peeling, cast iron railing on the bridge. Seeing that Sandee is living in Boston for the next two years and she needed a picture with the stunning skyline.

Once across the river, we found Beacon Hill.  There are adorable shops with hanging name signs, beautiful row houses, and a park filled with families.  There are shops like Twig and The Red Wagon.




Beacon Hill Street had charming houses.


Finally, we made our way to Little Italy to find Mike’s Pastry.  They are famous for their cannoli, line wrapping around the block, and packed shop.  We experienced all of these! The line moved surprisingly quick, but that was just because the shop was filled with at least 100 people smushed up against each other.  It took us easily 20 minutes just waiting inside to make it to the front counter.  I was disappointed that I couldn’t photograph the counter due to the masses of people.  Instead, you can enjoy my pastry selections that lasted me for the next few days.


I had a red velvet whoopie pie (my least favorite – it tasted like food coloring), chocolate dipped with white cream filling cannoli (it was freshly dipped while I waited – yum!), and peanut butter filling with chocolate drizzle cannoli (this was divine!).  My first cannoli experience was memorable and delicious.  I definitely suggest visiting Mike’s Pastry if you are in the Boston area anytime.

We spent our 3rd of July watching the Boston Pops. You can find that post here.  A little more about who the Boston Pops are from their website:

The History of the Boston Pops

BSO founder Henry Lee Higginson had proposed this new series in the hope of re-creating the ambiance of summer evenings in Viennese concert gardens, while also providing summer employment for the members of the Boston Symphony, who at that point had to search for other work six months out of the year. In 1900 these performances officially became Pops (short for “Popular”) concerts.

Watch out for the 4th of July post.  It is full of sparkly fireworks!

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2 Responses to Miles 6 Through 12

  1. Momma says:

    Wonderful pictures!!!

  2. Lauren says:

    It looks like you are having a wonderful time! I wish I was there to wait in line for pastries with you!

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