Happy Mail

At the beginning of the summer, I developed a new obsession all because of one blogger.   Amber Lee, author of Giverslog, shares bits and pieces of the things she loves.  Over at Giverslog, there is a special section called Happy Mail.  Her Happy Mail section inspired me to think outside the box when it comes to mail.  This summer I have kept a watchful eye for anything under 13 ounces or less to mail.  If you remember, I mailed a can of dirt with zucchini seeds in it to my dad for Father’s day.

I also mailed a can of Old Bay Seasoning to my grandparents.  In the summer, they make the best homemade pickles and poor man’s crab cakes using Old Bay from the garden crops.

I sent Robyn a frisbee at camp just for fun.  This was the first Happy Mail I actually took to the post office.  When it was my turn to be helped, the postal worker just looked at me with a funny face and said that I had to put it in a box.  I replied with a confident “no, it’s less than 13 ounces – you use the large package rate.”  She made a perplexed face and looked over at her coworker, he nodded in agreement with me, and she finally was convinced that yes, it could be mailed.  Her reaction, in addition to Robyn’s, and her fellow counselors was absolutely priceless!

My last and greatest thing I mailed this summer was flip flops!  I came up with this idea before seeing it on Amber Lee’s blog.  After seeing that it worked for her, I was sold. I mailed the flip flops in two batches.  This increased the fun factor for both the recipients and me.  I had one of the front desk receptionists at the 4H weigh it to confirm that I had the right postage.  He thought I was crazy.

I have become fast friends with most of the staff at the 4H this summer and Nicole, the main receptionist, knew about me and all my silly happy mail.  I even inspired her to mail some Happy Mail this summer!  She loves the 4H guests reactions to the wacky things I put in the mail tray.  She was slightly bummed when I didn’t mail the frisbee from the 4H.  Within a minute of putting the flip flops in the tray, Kasey a director from another conference was up at the front desk asking about the flip flops.  Later that evening at dinner, Kasey’s co-director partner, Casey, was asking why he didn’t get a flip flop mailed to him.  This Casey and I have had many jokes running this summer about me giving him wake up calls (only because I’m night SR), kids from his conference having JrNYLC’s left over ice cream from our socials, and lots of conversations about our favorite parents. These flip flops started so many conversations!

I didn’t put a return address which posed a problem for one of my friends.

She posted a picture on Facebook this week with the following caption: I would love to know who sent me a flip flop in the mail?? lol and when my other one be coming?! very odd thing to put in the mail….who knew? Riley HammondLauren PayneLiza HarrisJessica BensonCassidy Peek; Who done it?

I was super excited to see that it made it and to see her reaction!  My hope is that I have inspired you to think outside the box and send someone some Happy Mail.  To review the requirements revist my previous post, 13 Ounces or Less.  Some ideas include: a can, flip flops, a ball, a tube, a bucket and pail, a frisbee, or a box of someone’s favorite candy.  The list is endless.  Happy Mail is sure to bring someone joy!

Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joys, and dividing our grief.

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  1. Cherie says:

    We love your mail!

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