In case you didn’t know, this is my last week with JrNYLC. The countdown has begun with only 5 days left! Yesterday was my last arrival day. Being that it was the last, things naturally didn’t happen without a bang or two! Here are some highlights from my day and night.

Yummy lunch from Potbelly!

Receiving 7 SR calls during registration. Mind you, I’m the only SR on site and the scholars are still with their parents!

I met a scholar from Angleton,TX! I knew her dad and she knew me!!

Explaining to a mother why her son was indeed NOT going to meet Colin Powell and Barrack Obama.

Answering the SR survey questions we came up with to aid in our sweet nothings we are giving each other this week.

Having a 1:00 am med call for vomit and leaving for the ER at 1:55 am. While I don’t mind being at the ER, I do miss out on the few hours of nightly sleep I get as night SR. Looks like a day full of rest, as I continue to write this post at 4 am in the ER.

In all of this, I am finding bits and pieces of joy by giving the sincere gift of self to the best of my ability. (This includes lots of laughter, gratitude for so many things, and patience – lots of patience!)

p.s. Maybe you’ll enjoy the questions too!


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One Response to Bang

  1. Momma says:

    So share with us your explanation of why Colin and Barrack are not on the agenda!

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