I Love It All

I’ve been meaning to share with y’all the bits and pieces that make up my days.  These little moments are filled with joy, laughter, and good company.  It’s daily blessings like these that have me saying “I love it all.”

    More friends received flip flops!

Celebratory sodas with the Fab Five – we’re almost done!

Baltimore Harbor – this view makes a 6 a.m. wake up slightly more appealing.

I visited the most lovely bakery and coffee house last week.  Baked and Wired surpasses any and all D.C. bakeries.  Stop by for a cup of coffee and scrumptious cupcake!

Meet Timmy and Tina.

These stuffed animals ruined one FA’s life a couple of weeks ago.

They were meant to be a summertine.

Instead, her scholars adopted them and let them run her classroom.

Timmy was always sad.  Tina got suffocated when Anna, the FA, hid them in her backpack. They made for a great story and rumbles of laughter at our wrap up meeting.


  As a team builder, we had Summertines (like a Valentine but for the summer) last week.  It was so nice receiving little notes and treats throughout the week!

My last summertine gift came in the form of a fake SR call.  I was definitely fooled that the scholar was homesick until all of a sudden she pulls out a bag she was hiding and runs off at the Maryland  Science Center.  At reveal, my summertine told me the scholar came up to her after the SR call and said “we’re busted – she’s on to us!”  This was lots of fun!

My talented and dear friend, Lauren, is graduating this week from Texas A&M University.  We met freshman year and became fast friends.  She and I are travel buddies, baking partners, and have many years to look forward to as friends.

Congratulations Lauren!!! Way to represent Class of 2012 – Whoop!

A few weeks ago, I had several sets of parents show their appreciation in so many sweet ways.  One set left this card and Starbucks card for me.  It was a delightful surprise!

Another mom came with arms wide open to hug me and express her sincere gratitude.  In between the hug and tears, she choked out “you were my lifeline this week.”  This affirmation was a little sign from God of why I am here.  I know that my purpose as a Scholar Relations Advisor was fulfilled all because of that mom’s kind heartfelt words.

“What we do today, right now, will have an accumulated effect on all of our tomorrows.”

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One Response to I Love It All

  1. Lauren says:

    I feel the love! Hurry home because you have an exciting new chapter of life waiting on you!

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