Happy, happy, happy

Happiness – that is what I hope each of the recipients feel as they open their mail boxes and see some happy mail!!!  I’ve been waiting for another time to send happy mail and the start of school was the perfect reason!

I sent some back to school mail to some of my favorite twins!  All I needed was an empty Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper bottle and some school supplies.  Check it out:



These pictures are from the last visit Robyn and I had with our favorite twins.  The weekend was filled with homemade French croissants, Just Dance on the Wii, funny faces, and hand drawn portraits.  I’m ready for another visit soon!

Emma, the lone girl, got special happy mail too.  She loves to help bake so when I saw this mini rolling pin I knew it would be in my next batch of happy mail!  There might be some chocolate croissants in my future visit.


Next up, Jarrett!  My little brother is a freshman this year.  While he doesn’t know the specific supplies for each of his classes yet, I know that he would need the basics.  Hopefully he enjoys a little bit of fun mail in his favorite colors!


My nieces will receive some furry friends tatoos in 2 days.  They’re sticky, sparkly, and purple just what they love most!


Last but certainly not least, my Aggie family has some happy mail coming their way.  My Aggie family adopted me while I was in college to be my family away from home.  They have 4 boys who love Legos and Star Wars.   When I found these Star Wars cookie cutters on clearance and I knew who would be the perfect recipients!  I can’t wait to make some Star Wars cookies when I visit them over Labor Day weekend.

    Happy Mail brightens my day just thinking about it.  I love the recipients’ and postal workers’ reactions.  Send someone happiness in 13 ounces or less to someone you love soon!!

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2 Responses to Happy, happy, happy

  1. janette says:

    Oh my! I can’t believe we made the happy mail list! Yay! 🙂 Thank you!

  2. We got the rolling pin but not the other stuff…..not yet anyway. You can tell I went to work, huh……I’m only now seeing all these posts!

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