A Glimpse of Maine

If you remember back to July, I mentioned a trip I took to Maine.

And then I never blogged about it.

Because today is Labor Day and I sure am thankful for it, I figured you might want to have a little taste of Maine.


The public library had some awesome typography on their windows.


          I loved downtown and the side streets.  They are lined with historical buildings converted for modern purposes.  The shops all have hanging signs lining the side walk.  It was adorable!



I felt like a local at Harbor Fish Market.  I read up that this was the best one in Portland. It lived up to my expectations of fresh fish, hand written signs, and an unforgettable smell.  

While at the fish market, I spotted this flyer.  With Martha’s stamp of approval, I set out that afternoon to find Cranberry Island Kitchen.

The city is divided into two areas – historic downtown and the commercial area.  Off of Commercial Street, there are numerous wharfs.  I would describe the wharfs like piers because they only connect to land on side (Commercial Street).  The third picture above is a long shot of a wharf.


First spotting of the Portland Lobster Co.  This is the site of a historical happening.  Stay tuned for more details.  Cool architecture and signage at this nautical shop.


This culinary shop was packed from wall to wall and floor to ceiling with kitchen items. One area was more spacious because of the large jugs full of different oils to try.  I did not par take in the tasting but did enjoy photographing the hand sealed bottles.




Portland is full of so many funky, authentic, and colorful details.  On the wharfs, there are towers of lobster cages.  The colorful ones are newer in design and thought to attract more lobsters.  Buildings everywhere show their vintage personalities with their fading and chippy paint decals.  Modern touches are found in a graffiti wall and metal sculptures.  My favorite picture was taken while trespassing.  I was determined to find a stack of old buoys. After asking around, I was told which wharf would have a pier with them.  The wharf was easy to find.  The only problem was there were do-not-enter signs.  That wouldn’t get in the way of my picture opportunity!  I walked down like I knew where I was going and what I was doing.  No one asked me anything.  I snapped my pictures, met a fisherman’s kitty, and relished in my rebellion.  Don’t you love the bright, chipping, layered paint on the buoys?



My final stop before catching a bus back to Boston, was Cranberry Island Kitchen.  I wrote down their address earlier from the flyer and hiked to the end of Commercial Street for these whoopie pies.  Whoopie pies are Maine’s state dessert and Mainers take credit for their creation.  This shop didn’t disappoint.  They had Martha Stewart raving and beat Bobby Flay in a Throwdown.  I was surprised how small the pies were.  About 2 inches in length, they were packed with flavor.  I had a pumpkin with cream cheese, raspberry crazy clam, and chocolate with champagne buttercream.  All were spectacular and truly the best whoopie pies I’ve ever had.  They were a sweet ending to a blissful day in Portland, Maine.

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you the highlight of my summer travels.  Hint: It has lobsters, orange aprons, and beautiful views involved.

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