My second home

I spent this past weekend in what is fondly called my second home.  As I drove into beloved College Station, I couldn’t hold back the feeling of the familiar comfort.  It is the same feeling I get when I’m driving into my hometown.  A sense of home is not a quickly acquired feeling.  It is something that grows over time through bonds made, laughs shared, and blessings received.

My weekend in Aggieland was filled visiting those loved ones I hadn’t seen in over 4 months.  Friday afternoon started by picking up my college t-shirt quilt I had made by Fallon Swindell.  She has so much sewing talent!  I couldn’t be happier with my quilt. She incorporated almost all of my college t-shirts and the quilt features my cook staff head apron.  I love it!  If you are interested in having a t-shirt quilt made, contact Fallon through her Facebook page.

My visit wouldn’t be complete without a stop at St. Mary’s.  I had spiritual direction, some time in the chapel, and caught up with a few old friends.  St. Mary’s is a huge part of the familial feelings College Station conjures up.  Friday night I visited my Aggie family.  They adopted me through St. Mary’s Adopt-an-Aggie program at the start of my freshman year. They were a family away from home while I was in college and continue to welcome me anytime.  The visit was filled with catching up, yummy food, and football watching!  Next time we’ll have our typical Bananagrams fun paired with Star Wars cookie making.  I didn’t have my camera but promise pictures from the next visit.

I finally caught up with Robyn late Friday night and got to see her beautiful apartment complete with a yellow front door.  She left for a quick visit to camp on Saturday which left us with only a few hours to see each other.  Sister time is in order on my next visit.

Saturday I spent the rest of my day with my adopted other half, Megan.  We met my sophomore year staffing a SMYRT retreat.  Needless to say, we were meant for each other. We have so much fun crafting, decorating, and chatting it up.  Our day started with decorating her apartment.  After moving in, she wouldn’t allow her mom or boyfriend to hang things up because I had to be there.  We tackled her walls in no time!  Lunch was delicious at Ghengis Grill.  We have mastered how to get the most bang for your buck. Check out my broccoli crown and her snow pea surround!  On our way back to her condo, we scoured a few trash cans to find coveted Bed Bath and Beyond coupons.  Megan is a champion at Bed Bath and Beyond coupon scavenging.


The second half of our day we recovered her desk chair, organized cabinets, and crafted. Joined by her mom, we did a quick sweep of Bed Bath and Beyond’s clearance sale on our way to dinner.  Late that night, we made cake balls for the tailgate they were going to on Sunday.  I’m not sure we could have fit more into one day.  I enjoyed every minute of the cram packed day!

Sunday morning rolled around bright and early.  I met up with some more friends for breakfast before church.  It wasn’t long enough, but then again it never is.  They’re planning a trip to San Marcos soon to come float the river – Whoop!  Here’s a few of them decked out for the game.

I received many offers to go to the game, but I didn’t stick around.  While I love the Aggie spirit, I’m not a huge fan of standing for 3 hours in blazing Texas heat.  Best part – A&M beat SMU!

One last picture of things only found in Aggieland.

“From the outside looking in you can’t understand it, and from the inside looking out you can’t explain it.”  It’s the spirit of Aggieland.

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One Response to My second home

  1. Kathryn says:

    TEXAS beat Rice 🙂 & I do that with clothes in the store (just the other way around so that all that nasty maroon is in the back and covered up!)

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