Cards, Cards, Cards

For years, I have kept and hoarded cards.  I have a sentimental tug to hold on to the sweet thoughts and funny stories captured in each card.  While the dust has gathered and the stack grown, I tucked away “do something with these cards” on my long term to-do list.  I was pleasantly surprised and elated when a solution popped up last week on my new favorite website, Pinterest.

The original author simply gathered up old wedding cards and bound them with binder rings.  “What a concept”, I thought!  Needing an outlet for my break times between reading 10 chapters a week, I decided to brush off the dust and dig into my card stash.

After dividing the cards into categories and then ordering them by date, I started on my graduation cards book.

It was super easy to punch holes and bind the cards together.

I found that creativity came into play when deciding how the card should open, envelope vs. no envelope, and designing the cover.




In the midst of creativity, I reminisced on fond sentiments and kind words written by family and friends.  I love the finished product and new found accessibility into my mail treasures.I also finished another one with mail from my senior year of college.






New mail like this will have to wait for my grad school version!


I love love love Emma’s handwriting!  Again, she welcomes me back to Texas!  And especially, I love the “Your A STAR!” drawing on the bottom half!

As you probably have already guessed, I LOVE sending and receiving mail.  It is these small things that bring much joy!

“…joy is integral to all creativity and creativity brings joy.” {Matthew Fox}

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3 Responses to Cards, Cards, Cards

  1. Ali says:

    Riley! You are too cuute! I keep all my cards too! (Glad to know someone else does as well!) What a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration! Yours turned out really cuute! I am now adding that to my to do list! Miss you! Hope all is well!

  2. Laurie says:

    I LOVE this idea, Riley! I have years and years of cards tucked away that mean a lot to me but I never look at. What a great way to turn them into what they were intended to be: encouraging reminders of love and appreciation. Thanks for inspiring me to take action!

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