MoZart Retreat Day 2

After an afternoon and evening packed full of creativity, the morning of day 2 started at a relaxed 9ish.  Mo’s crew had set up a beautiful breakfast spread.  On the agenda for day 2 was only one thing – mini books.  From the morning until the wee hours of Sunday, I worked on my book.

The art room tables were screaming craftiness!

Mini books can be made out of pictures, paint chips, chip board, cardstock, and many other mediums.  We used paint chips for the base of ours.  Unlike many bloggers, Mo called up a buddy from Sherman Williams to get paint chips.  Lots of bloggers these days are running out of Lowes and Home Depot with hoards of paint chips to craft with.  Soon they’re going to lock them up!

Mo had lots of example books for us to ooh and ahh over.  She provided us with little kits full of fun embellishments.  A lot of the mini book creation was on our own.  With lots of scrapbook practice, I jumped right in.  Mo offered suggestions such as inking the edges and using transparencies.  She had us start with our base pages, then apply pictures, and add details.  Overall, I love the finished product!  Click on the collage to see all of my pages.

For the front and back covers, I used chipboard and painted it.  Mo had ghost letters that I painted for the front cover.  The book is bound with binder rings which we fluffed up with ribbons and fibers (my favorite!).  I used a permanent ink pad to ink the edges of my pages giving them an aged look.  On my first page, I used a transparency that Jessie printed a funky R on.  By attaching a piece of cardstock to the edge, it tells the read to turn the page. I also used foam squares to make some pictures pop up from the page.  This adds a lot of dimension and depth.  Mo had sticky rhinestones to add sparkle to our pictures.  They were perfect for my ring day!  We also had tags to incorporate and make our book interactive.

Throughout the entire process, I tried to embrace my handwriting.  I’ve scrapbooked for many years but never included journal entries because I don’t like my handwriting.  After several remarks about our handwriting, Mo pulled out a “Love Your Handwriting” book.  It offers tips and tricks to embrace your God given handwriting.  This book is now on my Amazon wishlist!

I used punches and stamps to create fun shapes and more texture in my book.  I love the page turners I used.  Some are ribbon, paper, pictures, and even buttons!  Mo had each of us bring about 25 – wallet and 25 – 4 by 6 pictures each.  I had never made a mini book or scrapbooked with wallet pictures.  I love the look and wish I had brought more of that size. The pens and adhesive she had available made such a difference in the compilation of the book.  These pictures don’t do justice to the end product.  You’ll have to stop by to flip through it and get the true feel.  I love the colors, pictures, and textures!!

My work area was pretty messy piled with layers and layers of paper and supplies. Saturday night, or more like Sunday morning, ended with my book finished and sweet pie.

Saturday night would not have been complete without Banana Caramel Pie.  It was to die for!  I would describe it as banana pudding mixed with sweet caramel slapped in a pie crust.  Delicious!

Tomorrow you will see our finished products and lots of pictures of Mo’s girls.  Then hang tight because on Saturday I’ll show y’all a tour of Mo’s amazing house!  This weekend was well worth a week’s worth of blog posts!

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One Response to MoZart Retreat Day 2

  1. Susan Kalb says:

    Great post Riley!!! I love your mini book!!! You did such an amazing job with so much detail. So glad I have another blog to read. And….so glad I got to meet you. Thanks again for the help getting me into Mo’s blog.

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