Final moments of MoZart Retreat

Sunday morning there was only one thing on my mind – candy corn!  The canvas I prepped on Friday was ready for some color!!

After eating breakfast at our own pace, I made my way around the house photographing almost every room.  I also found some sleepy heads hiding in covers.

How cute is Gabbi Girl?!

This was the most peaceful we saw Ellie Sue all weekend!

Finally everyone finished breakfast and it was time to PAINT!

I love the purple mixed with orange and green tones!

Everyone was busy painting their backdrops for candy corn or witches hats.  We followed the same steps as the canvases we painted on Friday.

I tried painting my candy corn without guidance from Mo.  My knowledge retention was pretty good!  I only needed a few pointers and her pretty handwriting.  I was willing to embrace my handwriting on my mini book but not on this canvas!  I think I need to master my canvas signature before I move onto words. After I had glittered it, she beautifully wrote “Happy Halloween” for me.

While waiting for everyone else to finish painting, Gabbi Girl befriended me and made me the chosen one for dress up.  She was a butterfly and Rapunzel.

Gabbi Girl LOVES Lizzie.  She goes up to her and puts her face in Lizzie’s saying “you’re such a good girl.”  It is the cutest thing especially with Gabbi’s speech patterns.

Ellie couldn’t dare miss any of the action and was all about creating some of her own jewelry.  Look at that focus!

Gabbi couldn’t care less.

They are the cutest little girls!  These sunflower pictures are what Mo made her mini book out of.

Finally came the big reveal of all of our canvas creations.

Everyone had their turn showing off their creations.

Mo was quick to point out my “Aggie” mistake in holding my canvas the wrong way! Here’s the right way.

And Mo with all of her beauties!

The girls took over the art room as everyone started heading out.

 I said my goodbyes and had one last picture with Mo.

This weekend went by much to fast but was so memorable.  I’m sure this wasn’t the only time I’ll be seeing Mo!  Tomorrow, I’ll show y’all the grand tour of her house.  You don’t want to miss it!!

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One Response to Final moments of MoZart Retreat

  1. Momma says:

    Your candy corn is the best. Cuter than the witches hats. They were cute too though. Another great blog!

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