Mo’s BAH

Mo like’s to affectionately refer to her house as the BAH.  I’ll let you search her blog for its meaning!  Needless to say it is big and beautiful.  She has such a knack for colors and decorating.  Come along for the grand tour!

The BAH.  Mo says it is naked because it doesn’t have shutters yet.

Mo had never showed off her upstairs loft area so I had no idea what to expect.  After going up a spiral staircase, you come into a lofty room with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a workout room off of it.  This is the art retreat room complete with 8 bunks.  I love the colorful bedding!

The second bedroom upstairs matches the bathroom decor.

This little nook greets you from the side door by the art room.  Mo’s Happy Halloween looks right at home.

 Now for the art room!

Mo has quite the collection of ribbon!

Punches and sewing materials go above the ribbon.  Ellie is quite a handful and LOVES Mo’s art room.  In order to try and keep her out of sharpies, paint, and anything else, Mo designated this bookcase with supplies she can use.  Of course this doesn’t stop her from climbing to get anything that isn’t on the shelves.


Mo found this cart at Canton.  It is filled with mini books she’s made over the years.  We talked Canton so much during the weekend.  She is planning her annual trip with her girlfriends for October.


Her inspiration board is filled with sayings, pictures, and ribbon scraps.

Her bookcases are full of any and every supply.  She has skinny drawers on the right to store stamps, ink pads, and other small items.

View from the bookcases.

The back wall of the art room is magnetic.  This is an awesome area to pin up things and create a huge inspiration wall.  The sink in her room is so smart.  With all our painting, we frequently used it.


The kitchen.


I love the mantle above the stove.  She changes out the picture of the girls pretty often. The bright colors always pop against the black cabinets.

The whole house was decked out for Halloween and fall.  The dining room isn’t covered in cob webs just because!

I tried to sneak a picture of the man cave and ended up moving resulting in a blurry picture.  Todd has a whole wall of LSU paraphernalia.  Beyond this room is the storage room and garage.

The foyer.

Living room


Ellie’s room

Jack and Jill bathroom for the girls


I love the penny tile floors.


Gabbi Girl’s room.


Cute owl screen – another Canton find!

The picture hallway between the girls rooms.


I was trying to be sneaky taking pictures because I didn’t want to wake Ellie.  The master bedroom is very pretty and coordinates with the bathroom.


Mo’s closet was a lot to take in!  It’s next to the laundry room.


This cutie patootie really liked me by Sunday!

Well that’s everything from the art retreat.  Time for some everyday posts!

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