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Here are some tid bits from my Monday.

I haven’t been shopping in quite a while.  While out today, I discovered the Target in San Marcos is getting a makeover!  The end of isles are redesigned and the kitchen and linen departments are open and spacious.  It looks really good.  The only downside is things are moved around creating more time for things to gather in my basket.

In case you were wondering, I do go to class.  I may only blog about art, crafts, and all things fun, but that is because I don’t think y’all would find it interesting to learn about APA format, play therapy theories, library resources, and family stressors.  I am trying to incorporate more of my school work into the blog.  We’ll see how it goes!  Currently, I am working on a presentation for my family stressors class.  My partner and I have to lecture for half of class time about the loss of a parent or child.  While this is a difficult and heavy topic, it is something that I need to prepare for in the Child Life field.  We’re approaching the topic by incorporating an activity, outside media resources, friends’ and family members’ experiences, and integrating our readings for the week.  If y’all have any other ideas, please share!

For the past month, I have been enjoying free Route 44 drinks from the Sonic in town.  On every receipt they had a survey to complete and receive a free drink.  This was a great set up!  I would give a receipt with code and get a free drink with a new survey.  Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper’s are my favorite and make 3 hour classes slightly more tolerable.  The problem is the receipts no longer have the surveys on them.  I’m down to my last free drink.  I’m trying to be grateful for the free drinks while secretly hoping they start the surveys again!

An A&M college and St. Mary’s buddy is coming to visit tomorrow!  She’s only down the road in San Antonio but we’re just now finding time to catch up.  Get ready to meet Candace soon!!

The ugly blue bench I found at the April Round Top & Warrenton Antique Fair has finally found new life.  Check out the before and after!

Before: Dingy blue velvet complete with blue fringe.

After: Bright colorful flowers!

My latest reuphostery stories are coming to you soon!

Speaking of Round Top, I’m not going this year.  I hope some of y’all venture over to highway 237 and prepare for the best junkin’ of your life!  Need more details? Click here. And it’s not all about antiques.  Travel a few miles down the road past Round Top and you’ll stumble upon a tiny town called Warrenton.  This place is packed high full of junk, crafts, and everything Texas!  If this isn’t enough to fill your weekend up, head on over to Canton for some First Monday Trade Days.  As for my weekend, it will be spent with my mom and sister.  We’re guaranteed to have some good times painting, laughing, and possibly heading to Wimberley Market Days.  Now, if this isn’t enough good shopping for you, I don’t know what is!

Sometime soon, I’ll be caught up.  Not really, but it’s good to have goals.  In the meantime, I keep trying to glorify God, live life, and spread some joy.

Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father. {Colossians 3:17}

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