I’m back!

You may think I got buried alive under mountains of articles to read.  Or possibly was too consumed with crafting.

Either of those ideas are partially true.

The best news is I’m back and ready with some great blog posts coming up.

First things first.  A recap of last week in pictures.

  1. The bench looks right at home at the foot of my bed.
  2. First canvases made at home were created and turned out beautifully.
  3. I got a free sonic drink!
  4. Rainbow shaving cream art was everywhere on Wednesday.
  5. I started classes inspired with my new binder cover I made from an old calendar and cardstock.
  6. It rained – a LOT.  And thundered, lighteninged, and blew like crazy.  Of course the first day it rained I was caught without an umbrella and walking from class to the parking garage.  I found myself dreading the rain along with my other classmates then changed my tune once I realized this is what I’ve been praying for, for the past 8 months. A little water didn’t hurt anyone.
“Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.” – 1 Chronicles 16:11
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