It’s reupholstery time!

Did you know that anyone can reupholster?  I’ve recovered chair seats numerous times. They are the easiest to tackle.  The next easiest piece of furniture is a bench.  It’s just like a chair seat but longer.  Here’s how I tackled my bench.

It started as a junkin’ find from Round Top.  I ripped off the blue fringe and that made a world of difference.

The blue fabric was stapled under the base and was going to be difficult to remove so I decided to cover right over the ugly fabric.

First I had to fill the spots where the buttons were.  I sprayed some adhesive and stuck wads of batting in them.  No method to the madness – just pull some batting, spray the hole, and stick it in.


All the holes are filled.

Next, lay out your batting and roughly measure how much you’ll need.  I used two layers to make sure the top was smooth.  Cut around the perimeter and the staple underneath.


You can’t even tell there were ever buttons.

Same thing with the fabric.  Measure and cut how much you’ll need.  Flip it over and start stapling.


I put a staple in the middle and each end and then continue this pattern until the whole length is stapled.  It’s important to pull tightly before you staple to ensure taught fabric on top.


After the side is stapled, cut the excess fabric.  The corners require a little extra attention and are folded much like gift wrapping.


Ta Da!  All finished.

Looks right at home.

(Please excuse the piles of laundry in the picture.  I happen to like crafting more than  folding laundry.)

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2 Responses to It’s reupholstery time!

  1. Momma says:

    Fold your laundry! Ha!

  2. Megan says:

    I’ve never seen that bedding…I love it!

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