Moooove over – the fair is in town!

For those of you who have never experienced a fair, you’re in for a treat.  This past weekend marks the start of the annual Brazoria County Fair.  The fair has many traditions. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Fair Parade – Where people line the streets and stake out their spots 3 hours before the start all in support of the community, businesses, and organizations.  You’ll find bands marching, clowns smiling, motors  roaring, tractors  pulling, and children grinning. Angleton native, previous flute teacher, and Wonderfully Made photographer, Laurie Heath, provides a glimpse into the fair parade world.  Take a look!

2. Rain, Rain, and more Rain – The fair week undoubtedly predicts rain storms year after year.  This year, more than ever, we’re hoping for some rain!  Bring on the mud and rubber boots.

3. Fair Day – The day the school district let’s kids off to go play at the fair while teachers have a work day.  Not many places will you find a “fair day” holiday.

4. Shows – For months, 4-H and FFA kids have raised animals all in order to show them and make the sale.  The animals range from rabbits, to turkeys, and of course heifers.  My brothers have periodically shown pigs, goats, and heifers.  This year my youngest brother, Jarrett, is  showing heifers.  He’s woken up at the crack of dawn countless mornings to go feed.  My family practically lives at the fair during this week.  The heifers have to be fed, trimmed, bathed, and given lots of love before they’re “show” ready.  I hope all their hard work pays off!

5. Everything else – The fair time of year means everything I’ve mentioned and so much more.  There are carnival rides and fair queens, exhibit halls with freebies and homemade items, favorite children’s fair art and photography, pasture concerts, a cook-off, and rodeo. And of course, Homecoming!  The time where college students return home and mums are a plenty around the football stadium.

This is one special time of year for Angleton, TX.  Perhaps my most missed site is this:

Where else can you find such a funny site?

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One Response to Moooove over – the fair is in town!

  1. Lauren P says:

    Fair time is undoubtedly some of the best time on earth! I hope you got to enjoy some good fair food!

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