Feel the Joy

Blogging is about to complicate itself, never the less I will push forward.  I have found a solution to my storage issues; however, it is not ideal.  Like all change it will take some adjusting and fixing, but it should work out.

The long-awaited post from a couple of weekends ago is finally here.

Joy was all around that weekend.  It started with a quick visit to my favorite type of longhorns and long time bestie, Kathryn.  I had my camera with me for all the canvas making that was scheduled to happen.  In a moment of pure whim, I pulled it out and decided to channel my inner Pioneer Woman.  While Pioneer Woman snaps her photos bright and early in the morning, there were no early mornings to be had here.

Cows, are cows, are cows – except when they have horns, longs horns to be exact.  

There were babies everywhere.  This little one was my favorite.  I forget its name.  I’m sure it has something to do with sugar or something like that.


The Head’s herd is plenty large.  With Mr. Head’s heart being so big, it seems to always be growing.


Kathryn wasn’t in the mood for posed pictures, so I caught a few candid moments. She is much like her daddy – kind, head-strong, and rooted in faith.

Kathryn was only in town for a little while on Friday.  A guy from Sam came down with her and they had plans for the weekend.  She was showing him the ropes around their pasture.

Longhorns are a good part of life around the Head’s house.

Remember all those babies I talked about earlier?  Well naturally they have pent-up energy.  Over by the ditch, these young’uns started playing.  Soon they were all riled up!

After a while, they lined themselves up in a single file line and made there way over to the person giving them all the attention.

In case you haven’t gotten a good feel for what you “do” in a pasture, let me break it down for you.  First you feed the animals.  Then comes time for gazing and checking in on each animal.  This may look like nothing to the outsider, but to the trained eye you notice the posture and non verbal dialogue going on between owner and animal.  All the while, some of the best conversations are happening.  All a conversation needs is an object or activity to avert eye contact and naturally some of the best conversations happen.

In the middle of all this fun, another long time buddy came over to visit.  Emilie beat both Kathryn and me home to Angleton from A&M.  She isn’t very comfortable around the cows.  After a few reminders about them being more scared of her than she is of them, she warmed up just a little.

Before Emilie and I left, Mr. Head had one last thing up his sleeve.  He snuck away to go print a few rules he wrote several years back.  His love for Kathryn is pure and strong which gives reason for why he would write these.

Please excuse the blurriness.  I was trying to be conspicuous taking these picture as Kathryn was thoroughly embarrassed.   Such a sweet ending to a wonderful visit.

Part 2 of my weekend is coming soon.  There’s only one guess of what will be in that post. Get excited!!

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21

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4 Responses to Feel the Joy

  1. Kathryn says:

    I feel so loved! Practically an entire blog post dedicated to me, my family, friends, longhorns, and Rules for Dating my Daughter! 🙂 So glad we got those few hours to catch up. I love you!

  2. Kathryn says:

    P.S. You were right; that cow’s name does have something to do with sugar. Her name is KH Sugar Rush.

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