Are you feeling it?

The joy that is.  I hope even my Aggie readers got a little big of joy from all those longhorns yesterday.  If you haven’t guessed it already, my Saturday & Sunday from that weekend were all about canvases.

Saturday morning I headed out to inspire and instill confidence in creativity at Mrs. Ward’s house.  She was slightly skeptical about the whole painting thing.  I walked her through step by step just like Mo did for me.

There were a few oops spots, but with a little water and paint they were no longer noticeable.  I loved her sound effects as she painted.  No words were required to know what was going on behind her canvas.

Outlining was one scary task for her.  Black can seem quite intimidating.  Its effects, though, are well worth the uneasiness.

The painting may not have been relaxing, but you could never tell that by the end results.

This one I started and ended up finishing for Mrs. Griffith.  She was unable to come over on Saturday, but loved her pumpkin!

This little one I painted to demonstrate on.

Finally, the proud student and her artwork!  I love the graceful curves of her swirls!!

In between painting and letting coats dry, Mrs. Ward and I were able to catch up as usual. She is a wonderful listening ear, mentor, and friend.  I’ve been unsure what to “call” her for some time because we share a past full of different roles and relationships.  She started as my PALs sponsor, then moved to my Academic Studies teacher, and finally to my confirmation sponsor.  Mrs. Ward is a blessing to me as well as so many others.  I was thrilled to spend the day sharing a little of me with her.  She has much to be proud of in her pumpkin!

Another good sign was her eagerness to share this new creative niche with her grandchildren.  Candy canes for Christmas and hearts for Valentine’s Day will be such a treat for her little ones.

With part one of canvases wrapping up, I was off for part two!  Before I met up with my friend coming into town, I received a request from a Facebook friend for some canvases. Gotta love the iPhone and its instant updates.  Stephanie, an Aggie Catholic mom and friend of my Aggie family, previously expressed interest after I posted my art retreat creations.  I didn’t take her seriously because I am a very new beginner in the world of painting.  After seeing my first weekend of canvases on my own, she was ready to have some of her own.  All she wanted was for them to look like what was in my picture.

The pumpkin wasn’t a problem.  The ornament, well that was another story.  I knew this weekend would be the perfect time to make them, but without an old hymnal, the ornament background would be incomplete.  After talking with my mom, we came up with the idea of old piano music that both she and I have piling in the piano bench.  While she was digging through her choir music and me through the piano bench, she passed over mass music without thinking twice. Taking a minute to pause, she remembered that Stephanie was Catholic!  It was like a “Eureka!” moment!!  Catholic music for the ornament would be perfect for a Catholic family!!!  The idea of an old hymnal was wiped from my memory because I was so tickled by the way everything fell into place.  I wish you could have been there to see me giggle and delight every few minutes as I thought about this canvas coming together.

In the middle of all this fun, my friend Megan arrived to Angleton.  She and I reveled in this new development to the weekend as we made our way to 5 o’clock mass.  At mass we bumped into Nanny & Papa J and Mrs. Ward.  A short visit later, it was time for some canvases.  Angela got home from working all day at the flower shop and was geared up for this fun.  I had no idea that Megan was bringing so many canvases – 15 in all!  Soon the dining room looked like this:

Our goo took only a little while to dry with the help of the ceiling fan.  In no time, we were ready for paint.  We started with the backgrounds.

Then got distracted by the making of Hasselback Potatoes to accompany Dad’s grilling for dinner.  I had previously seen these on Pioneer Woman and Pinterest oozing with deliciousness.  I was all over helping make these.

Our evening was completed with the Aggie’s win against Tech!  Megan represented for the both of us in her maroon and white, meanwhile, the rest of my family sported red and black.  My dad held out hope until the last 30 seconds even though he knew defeat was in their future.  With the Aggie’s win still fresh, it was no surprise that Angela changed the tune of her colors on Sunday.

I love the background on Megan’s ornament.  It was like a champagne color with a beautiful gradient of shades.

I wasn’t the best photographer at the between steps from the canvas making, but I think y’all all know the general idea.   Several hours and canvases later, we had finished products.

Here are Megan’s creations:


Angela was great at lettering for us and was still doing that as I was taking these pictures. Megan’s presents got a cute “Merry Christmas” added to them.  Most of her canvases started as gifts for others; however, I think she decided to keep more than she planned. It’s a good thing she had 15 to start!

Here are a weekend’s worth of canvases between the 3 of us:

And up close:

Angela loved to goo!  Her canvases were covered with texture.  I really like the effect!  Her presents were my favorite!!  After we left, she finished them with a big Merry Christmas.

This pumpkin and my original ornament went back to College Station with Megan to be delivered to Stephanie.

A few of my other creations from the weekend:

This acorn started as a leaf – well more like a deformed stick figure that was trying to be a maple leaf.  After realizing my defeat with the goo, I went for a nice round acorn.

I loved my second ornament too much to let it go!  The Catholic music ended up staying with me.  I didn’t feel too bad about it because Stephanie had told me she wanted her’s to look just like mine.  She didn’t know that she was getting an original from the picture!

The decoupage takes the paint wash different each time.  I couldn’t make the dark and light areas if I tried.  I’m all over the vintage feel!

Mo has some canvases with glittered polka dots and a big word.  I took the same idea and got some JOY.  Once the glitter came out, I was covered.  Just like Mo, I’m pretty sure I had some up my nose.  It seemed to live on me for days!  Even so, the sparkly canvas makes it all worth it.

My last number was a Santa’s hat.  Who’s glad that I finally moved on from the trusty pumpkin?

While you can’t see it, this little hat has some sparkle on it too.  White, fluffy, sparkly, fluff looks great with yellow-green and bright red!

The weekend was such a success.  Joy was overflowing left and right!  All the canvas joy I received at the art retreat is slowly spreading to those I love.  Stephanie was screaming with excitement when she picked up her canvases!  She quickly posted a picture to Facebook letting me know her pumpkin was right at home.

I would love to share some of this joy with you too!  If you are interested in buying the small pumpkin, acorn, joy, or Santa’s hat, please let me know.  I may not be willing to part with my Catholic hymns ornament, but those I think I could!  In the meantime, joyfully use the gifts you have!

I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well. {Psalm 139:14}

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10 Responses to Are you feeling it?

  1. Kathryn says:

    Did Angela do the holly/Merry Christmas one? That one is probably my favorite from the pictures.

  2. Lauren says:

    There’s sooooo many canvases!!!!!! I can hear your giggling and squealing with joy when you found that music!

  3. Megan says:

    I cannot believe you posted my goofey face pic I laughed out loud when I saw it!

  4. Kendall says:

    Seeing Ms. Ward’s face was the best part of my day, I miss her to the ends of the earth!

  5. janette says:

    I’ve seen Steph’s pumpkin and Christmas ball in person and am dying to copy! I LOVE all the new ideas and examples you’ve got here too. 🙂

    • You can definitely copy! I would love to teach you too!! I offered teaching Stephanie, but she said her schedule was too busy. Next visit to College Station we’ll make canvases and the boys can make cookies!

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