Random Bits from the Week

I need to develop a name for these random blog posts.  Basically,  it’s anything that doesn’t fall under the category of craft!

1. I like sweet potatoes.  They’re my new favorite vegetable.  I’ve been missing out for 21 years all because I wouldn’t try them.  My favorite way to cook them (and just about any vegetable for that matter) is to roast them.  This week I sliced them with a mandoline and tossed them with salt, pepper, and a little olive oil.  Lay them out on a cookie sheet, roast at 425  until slightly brown on the edges, and you’ll be enjoying sweet potatoes too!

2. I’ve been working a lot.  This means I have to be more proactive about school work.  Which I guess is a good thing!  To manage all the school stress, I’ve slowly started accepting my fate.  From now until the end of the semester, something is due practically every week in every class.   The good news is one of my classes is finished before Thanksgiving.  That’s only 4 weeks away!  Of course acclimating to all of this school stress doesn’t come without a few hoops to jump through.  One of my favorites so far is Texas State placing a hold on my account because they can’t seem to find my final transcript from Texas A&M.  This isn’t the first time they have misplaced one of my transcripts!  I’m not sure how hard it is to lose an electronic copy.  Oh well, this means registration is postponed until said document is found.  More on registration next week!

3. Bakerella is coming to Austin!  I do believe this constitutes reason enough to skip class. It’s a rare week that nothing is due in my family stressors class.  Maybe I’ll have something better to say than when I met Pioneer Woman.

4.  I brought over lots of bubble toys yesterday when I babysat.  Eli LOVED them!  It was so nice enjoying the fall crisp weather and having rainbow bubbles everywhere.

I even wore my rainbow tie-dye t-shirt (he loves this shirt).   He meanwhile was dressed in striped overalls with a red bandanna.  He may have looked like a train conductor, but in fact was a farmer.  We talked about my dad being a farmer.  Eli asked what kind of tractors he had and was bummed he didn’t have a fork lifter.  When I explained that he grows plants in fields, he replied by asking if he grew Cheetos, chips, or candy.  Without laughing too much, I tried to explain where those things came from!  I’m not sure how successful I was at that.

Charlotte loves her swing time.  She’s still not so sure about this camera thing.  I can only imagine her face if I brought my big camera!

Eli on the other hand, grasps the picture concept pretty well.

5. A few blog posts coming in the future include a few giveaway items, another look at my apartment, and some Halloween ideas.

Until then, be grateful because it’s Thursday and go snuggle up under your favorite quilt!!

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