Better Late Than Never

My blog posting roll stopped with a screeching halt last week.  Did you notice?  I got some kind of stomach bug or food poisoning that didn’t leave me feeling too well.  I’m feeling much better now and return to my normal posting.  I had a purging of things under my bed last week to giveaway.  Most of the things I took to Goodwill, but I thought one of you may want a few of the items.  These are all new or barely used.  If you want something, comment below and I’ll figure out how to get it to you.  First to comment and claim, gets the item.

A yellow purse that Robyn gave me and makes for a great book bag or purse.

A freebie Texas A&M canvas bag that I used once.

A jewelry organizer that I won.  It’s part metal and part sea grass.

That’s all of the giveaways. There will probably be more in the future.

I also remembered it was time I show y’all some of my Halloween/Fall decorations. Included in these pictures are a few updates of my apartment.

First up, the kitchen.

Notice I repainted my bar stools.  Spray primer and paired with my mouse sander are some of my favorite tools.

Candy bucket (if I have trick-or-treaters) and one of countless pumpkins.

An old typeface drawer now has a home and purpose.

Hello Mr. Pumpkin.

Picture banner inspired by Robyn’s friend.  This took a long time to grow on me, but ultimately I surrendered because of the color addition it brought to this white space.

Another little pumpkin debuts for the first time.  I bought this one half off in January at Canton.

More Canton and Round Top finds.  I mentioned I like pumpkins, right?

Moving on to the living room.

How many pumpkins do you spy?  The giant one on the coffee table is also a newbie bought in January at Canton.


A few more pumpkins here and there, oh, and a ghoulish Mr. Potato Head paired with a ghost.

The living room is open to the dining room.

I added some cheap Ikea lamps and have color fall leaves down my table.  I didn’t forget the pumpkins on my tree either!  The mirror finally got hung by myself after the 47th attempt or so.  It is level and hanging so I’ll avert my eyes from the glaring miscalculation of hanging height on the wall.


One last example of how easy it is to reupholster.  These chairs have been reupholstered twice in the few years they’ve been in my care.

Stay tuned tomorrow for craft central, my bedroom, and bathroom revelations.

p.s.What you missed hiding in the pictures.

I’ve mentioned before I don’t like laundry and the cords, well they just haven’t been dealt with just like the sewing, and shaving cream art stuff.


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6 Responses to Better Late Than Never

  1. whitney says:

    The jewelry holder is awesome!! If no one else claims that I will!

  2. i love your apartment! i really love your sprinkle collection! i have a ton of sprinkles and never thought about displaying them. as a former san marcos apartment dweller, you will probably not have any trick or treaters.

  3. Kathryn says:


    i also love love love the sprinkle mason jar holders. im obsessed with jars.

    • Yay! I was hoping you’d want to yellow purse! I’ve received so many complements on the sprinkle jars. They are one of my favorites in the kitchen. And I too love and am obsessed with jars, particularly the mason variety!

      • Kathryn says:

        I also love the pictures at the top of the kitchen on the clothes pins. I have been wanting to do something like that, just have never done it. Looks good.

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