Some numbers – 134982345706

Some interesting stats about my life from the past week and next few weeks.

5 classes to attend until I am through with my first semester of grad school (Hallelujah!).

1 of around 2000 shiny new Aggie Rings was given to my friend Liza last Friday.

17 – the number of friends and Aggie family members I visited this past weekend.  Imagine my joy.

1 computer I accidentally spilled a cup of water on.

1 of another of those 2000 chunks of gold was given to my Aggie Awakening daughter and angel, Erica.

2800 words & 8 hours put into one take home exam.  I think I would have preferred an in class 3 hour exam.

12 – the number of family members I will spend Thanksgiving with at home.

253 (and counting) things I have thanked God for this month of November.

Approximately 75+ empirical articles read this semester with about 23 pages each = over 1700 pages I read about research.  (I’m trying to have a better attitude about research – pray for me!)

A 3 hour drive is all that stands between me and Thanksgiving break.

0 – the amount of relevance the number in the title has.

Notice joy – A multitude of small delights constitutes happiness.

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One Response to Some numbers – 134982345706

  1. janette says:

    LOL I was trying to figure out the numbers in the title as I went through. I had mostly convinced myself that they were random but was relieved to *know for sure* when I got the your last entry! 🙂

    Have a blessed Thankgiving!

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