My second most favorite Aggie day.

In case you haven’t guessed what day that is, it is Ring Day.  This day is such a memorable and awaited day for all Aggies.  The Aggie ring is a symbol recognized by all for the high standards, traditions, and connections in holds it the Aggie Network.  Almost 3 years ago, my friend Lauren started a tradition that is still kept today.  Instead of just having her family at her ring day, she also included all of her close girlfriends.  The day was marked with smiles, laughs, and plenty of joy.  It is because of Lauren, that we all have made a point to be there for each other’s ring days.  Liza’s day was no different than any of ours.  To help set the stage for those of you who don’t know anything about the Aggie network, here’s a walk through of what Ring Day looks like in College Station, Texas.

Families, friends, and ring recipients gather at the alumni center in anticipation for their assigned pick-up group to be called.  Around 2,000 Aggies received their rings this November.  Once it is close to the recipients time, they start crowding under their last names sign.

While I held Liza’s spot in line, I captured a view of the sea of people who come to ring day.

Waiting in line provides the perfect opportunity for pictures.

Liza took a mad dash past the ticket stamper in search for her last name line.

After much debate over which line included her last name, she made it up to the table.

It was difficult to snap pictures of the precious moment between Liza and her dad.  Here he is presenting her with her ring.  With much intention to not cry, Liza’s tears could not be held back.


After checking the fit, she checked for her name engraved inside her ring.  Each ring is engraved with each Aggie’s name.  It is because of this, that many lost Aggie rings have been returned to their owners even years after losing them.

I told Liza that we now knew what to expect for her wedding day – lots of tears!

Her family was right alongside her the entire time.

Let the photo shoot begin.  We started inside the building where there was some light to take pictures.





This is just the start of the photo shoot.  After all the ooohs and ahhs, it was time to move outside.

Liza and Desta made great subjects for me to figure out my camera settings for nighttime.

Once I got it as good as it was getting, it was Liza’s turn in the giant ring!

Then next with all the girls!

Everyone in our group has had some sort of eventful pictures after getting their ring.  Up until this point, we weren’t sure what Liza’s were going to be.  Our pondering led us to Kyle Field and the rest was history (there was only a little sweet talking the security guard involved to get these pictures).




We had a few attempts at jumping pictures.


After our fancy schmancy photo shoot, we went over to Liza’s house for dinner and dessert.     Liza had to have a picture with her cake and some of the cookies laid out.

A family friend, Mr. Rich, inspected Liza’s ring with great care and attention.

Liza has plenty to be proud of with her new shiny chunk of gold.


Desta’s ring got a mini photo shoot too.


The day was filled with blessings and new memories.  Liza is one special girl and now a proud owner of an Aggie ring.  I am filled with gratitude for all of these girls and a wonderful school that I call my alma mater.  Gig ‘Em Aggies!

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