Aggie family and friends

My weekend in College Station started on Thursday with visiting friends and my adopted Aggie family.  I had lunch with Lauren at our favorite mexican food restaurant in downtown Bryan.  After about 45 minutes of talking (which approximately 27 were spent comparing grad school woes), we finally ordered and had lunch.  She and I could talk forever (or maybe me more than her), but she had to get back to class.  This left the afternoon open for me to spend time with Janette, my Aggie mom, and the rest of my Aggie family.  Janette was super excited to learn how to paint canvases.  Much to my surprise, she had a little background in art.  She was a natural artist and was pretty confident in her painting.  Here’s a look at her pumpkin.


Janette’s pumpkin sparkles and is colorful just like her.  We spent the afternoon catching up and sharing stories in between painting, glittering, and swirling.  Somewhere in there we picked up Samuel and headed over to Noah’s middle school.  Every so often the art teacher offers an after school art club to the kids.  I came along to help and take pictures.  The current project was centered around this piece of art.

The kids painting the backgrounds focused on some sort of wave pattern for the most part.


Samuel is only in 4th grade and doesn’t attend the middle school.  Because he doesn’t know anyone other than Noah, his brother, he chose to stand at the counter and paint.  I loved his color palate he used for his art.

Noah was very focused on his background.  In fact most of the kids there were all focused on their art.  The privilege to make art is definitely a highlight for these kids.  Getting to see their friends is just a bonus.  Noah is in the class during the day which means he has other projects in progress.  He pulled out his “ugly mug” to show me.  The assignment was to make an ugly face on a mug.  Here Noah is making his ugly face with his ugly mug.  I think his mug fulfills the assignment!


Oh Samuel.  This is the “why are you taking a picture of me, I’m too cool for this, but I can’t hide my dimple face.”

This kiddo was very focused and finished his background with time to spare.  He started forming his tree with all its swirls.

Samuel’s finished background.


I love the kid’s shading above.  Creativity was everywhere in this room.

Once we got back home after art club, the boys did their homework while Janette and I finished our canvases.  Samuel likes to take credit for mine.

After the boys had the homework done, we started some shaving cream art.  This is one of their favorite activities.

I got a little too messy to take pictures. What you need for shaving cream art is shaving cream, food coloring, combs, squeegee, and paper (whole or cut outs).  The basics of shaving cream art is you squirt some shaving cream on a table, smear it around in a thin even layer with one hand, squirt 4-5 drops of 2-3 colors of food coloring around, comb in a swirling motion with a comb in your clean hand, put the paper on top and lightly press down, and peel up the paper and squeegee.

You are left with beautiful creations like this.

I think the Christmas trees would make a cute garland.  I didn’t get a picture of Tim, my Aggie dad, or the older boys, Zachary and Nicholas, but I did snap a picture of the moles they made for Mole day.  I remember Mole day and all of the extra credit projects turned in to my chemistry class in high school.  So fun!

The last thing we did before I left, was make some Star Wars cookies with cookie cutters I sent them as Happy Mail.  I didn’t get to taste them, but I hope they turned out even with the whole wheat flour that was used!  The best part was rolling and cutting out the dough. The boys had more fun playing with the scraps than anything else.

My evening was finished with another friend visit.  Whitney and I met up at our favorite coffee shop for some late night chatting.  After reminding myself to take Whitney’s picture, all I remembered to take a picture of was my hot chocolate.  We talked late into the night starting where we left off from the last time we visited.  It is wonderful to have friends that I can pick up where we left off  because these days there is no telling how often I will get to see them.

As you can tell by now, there was an abundance of joy around that weekend.  And all of these people and moments are roots to my homegrown joy.

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One Response to Aggie family and friends

  1. janette says:

    I love the recap! I’ll have to send you the pictures Tim took while ya’ll were doing the shaving cream art. I did turn the cutouts into a garland! Sami was so inspired by the canvases that he gooed and painted his own ornament. He finished the outlining today. I’ll have to take a picture and send that too. The cookies were delicious. 🙂

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