1. This is one of my new favorite songs this week.  It is very peaceful yet lively.  I like it!

2. I’m starting my holiday baking.  What are your must bakes during the Christmas season?

3. Here is one of my favorite Advent meditations from last week.  The scripture for that day was Isaiah 26:3-4.

“A nation of firm purpose You keep in peace; in peace for its trust in You. Trust in the Lord forever! For the Lord is an eternal Rock.”

The reflection and prayer: We cannot eliminate upsets and anxiety from our lives, but Advent is a good time to slow down and remember where we should look for stability and peace. Throughout these weeks of preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ birth, the Scriptures for our liturgies tell us again and again to turn to God, to build our house on the rock of Jesus. Only there we will find peace.

Lord, may I truly bring peace to others that I may be at peace with myself and one with You.

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One Response to Advent

  1. Lauren says:

    Finals – what better time for peace? Desta, LIza, and Alicen baked sugar cut-out cookies and I probably ate 25 of those bad boys!

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