Another Christmas Craft

I am interrupting the last day of recap from my College Station trip to show y’all another Christmas craft tutorial.  This time I had an itch for something made with burlap.  After searching Pinterest, I was left with an inspiration image with no tutorial.  “Looks like I’ll figure it out as I go,” I thought.

Wreaths are available through Etsy, but I was not about to spend $60 on it when I could make my own.  The only burlap wreath tutorials I could find were for bubble wreaths and I just wasn’t a super fan of this style.

I’ve never made a wreath and had some apprehension getting started.  You can be the judge of the finished product.  I’m pretty pleased.  Please ask questions if needed because this project was difficult to document for a tutorial.

To make this wreath, start with the bigger of the two sizes of straw wreaths at Hobby Lobby.  I think this wreath is around 14 inches.

You will need around 3 yards of burlap depending on how big you make your bunches.

I cut my burlap into two widths of 6 inch wide strips and split the left overs into 8 inch wide strips.  The strips were 3 yards in length.  It’s less cutting to cut the entire length of the fabric.  Much like my other Christmas projects, there is no perfect science to this.  Eyeball and cut away.

Starting with the skinnier strips, wrap your wreath with the plastic wrap still on it.  This is to prevent any straw from showing through.  I used a straight pin to hold the end and tightly wrapped the strip around the wreath.  I trimmed and pinned the other end after covering the wreath.

Starting with the inner ring of the wreath, it’s time to start pinning the strips.  I had to adjust every so often to make sure I was filling the inside of the wreath and not just covering the top.  To start, have your strips ready and plenty of straight pins available.

First, I folded the end together to create some movement and something for the pin to hold onto.

Pin that into the wreath and continue gathering, fluffling, and pinning. around the entire inside ring.

For this poof, I pulled together the edges of my fabric and pinned them together.

Once the inner ring is done and you have everything attached, you can move onto the outer ring.  I never followed a particular pattern in my pinning because I didn’t want it uniform.  I wanted to burlap to fold in places, be poofy in others, and have some depth.

Same concept just wider strips.  You want to make sure and fill the gaps from the first ring and cover enough of the front of the wreath so it doesn’t look sparse anywhere.

The finished wreath was too bare for me so I tried using some red burlap to make a bow.  I liked the contrast, but it just wasn’t working for me.  I also tried a metal Round Top sign I had, but didn’t love it.

After walking around my house, I found a metal bow which I knew would look great in the wreath.  I wrapped wire through the back of the bow and wired it to the wreath.  I covered up the wire by cutting a strip to hand my wreath from.  I just knotted the strip and voila, instant hanger.  Here’s the finished wreath hanging on my door.

I’ve already had several friends and family members recreate my tree skirt and ribbon garland.  Will this be next on your list?

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5 Responses to Another Christmas Craft

  1. Kendall says:

    Love this!! Great job!

  2. janette says:

    Yes! I have a bunch of white burlap. Won’t look at country crafty, but it might do. 🙂

  3. Diana Thornton says:

    Thanks for getting me started in making my wreath. Even the little holly sprigs looked good. I am loving it!!

  4. Lilly says:

    Love the look of simplicity, you did great.

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