Christmas Break!

As I started digging through pictures, I realized I had very few from Christmas Day, but had quite a few from the week leading up to Christmas.  Come along and relive my days leading up to Christmas.

Robyn drove into town the day of my last final.  That afternoon  I found out my final was changed to take home.  All I needed to do was email it by the next morning.  This was one of the best Christmas presents!  On Wednesday Robyn came along to meet the kiddos I babysit in New Braunfels.  I told Eli the week before that Robyn was coming.  He was SUPER excited to meet her!  Robyn got lots of precious Stana holding time. There are few things better than a sleeping baby on your chest.

It’s hard to believe that Stana was only three weeks old in this picture.

After babysitting, we went and shopped in Gruene.  I snapped tons of pictures with my big camera.  After shopping at the “pleasantville” area of Gruene, we toured the neighborhood extension of pleasantville.  There were the cutest houses.  I love this one’s front door.

This one was on a corner lot with a beautiful porch and great color scheme.

After leaving the new side of Gruene, we headed to the old side to meet up with Megan.  It was during this photo op that I realized my memory card wasn’t in my dslr camera.  Major bummer.  Onto the iphone pictures.

We had a great dinner at the Gristmill followed by a stroll down Main Street.

The nice guy who took our picture didn’t really understand how close he needed to get with my phone.  Megan will have to keep waiting for a picture of us together.

That evening Megan helped me address and decorate all my Christmas card envelopes.  Such a wonderful help!

Her last day in town we went and shopped at the outlets.  I found a fantastic bargain at Fossil for Kathryn’s birthday present.  This bag retails for $149, outlet sticker says $99, and I paid $29.  What a deal!  (Plus it’s yellow, Kat’s favorite color!)

Sometime this week, I made Kat’s canvas painting my desktop background.  Love it!

I also found a great deal on a nightstand for Jarrett.  You could say I am Santa’s helper.

Christmas Eve Eve Eve (aka the 22nd) I babysat just the two little ones.  It was some good alone time for them without Stana Hope around.  Eli was all about the bubbles today.

The kazoo wand makes it really easy for him to have instant gratification.  Bubbles come spilling out of the holes.

Charlotte on the other hand tends to drink and slurp her bubbles.

Together they are quite a pair.

After babysitting, it was time to hit the road.  It took me only around 56 trips or so to load up my truck.  I was loaded down mostly with Christmas presents.

Christmas Eve was rather festive at Nanny & Papa J’s.  Nanny loved her hand painted gifts.  Angela painted the family tree and I made the canvas.

Later that evening, we went to Mass and drove around “oohing and ahhing” at Christmas lights.

Christmas morning started at my mom’s and then moved to my aunt’s.  There was way too much fun happening because I completely forgot to take pictures!

The afternoon, Robyn and I headed over to my dad’s.  He was busy cooking in the kitchen and Jarrett was being Jarrett.

Christmas and the break were filled with tons of catching up.  I got to spend lots of time with family, visited old friends, read a couple of books, and just relaxed.  I call that a wonderful break!

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One Response to Christmas Break!

  1. Kathryn says:

    I used my beautiful yellow Fossil purse today! Loved it!

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