Can we talk about some crafts?

Between all my travels over Christmas break, there wasn’t much time for crafting.  I did however fit in a few small projects here and there.

First up, a painted family tree plate.  My step mom, Angela, painted this plate for Nanny & Papa J for Christmas.  It has all the members of our immediate family and the year they were married.  It looks so good and only cost $1!

(Excuse my iphone pictures.  I forgot to take pictures with my camera!)

I painted a small decoupaged canvas for Nanny.  I love the 8 x 10 size of canvas.

Before I left for Christmas, the kids I babysat made Christmas stained glass ornaments.  I’ve been doing this with kiddos for years.  They love it!  After they were made, I strung them with bakers twine and hung them in the kitchen window.  So cute.

For a few Christmas gifts for friends, I made Pinterest inspired photo canvases.  Liza’s is actually on a piece of mdf and Desta’s I put on a canvas.  What I did was tape tissue paper to a sheet of plain copy paper, trim it, print a picture on it with my printer, and then decopage the tissue paper image.  It turned out so well!

After this step, I trimmed the paper and let it dry.  Here’s what Desta’s look like start to finish.

The last artistic endeavor was just a couple of weekends ago.  And boy was it magnificent!  Because of its beauty, I’ll wait to share it in a post all by itself.  Now I’m not one for waiting or for enjoying the suspense of surprises, so here’s a sneak peak of the last project.

Any guesses what it could be?

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3 Responses to Can we talk about some crafts?

  1. Kathryn says:

    I know, I know! 🙂

  2. janette says:

    Looks like a large, beautiful flower painted on a canvas. Can’t wait to see what it is! And the photos on tissue paper — incredible! I’ll have to get some fresh ink and try it. 🙂

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