French Bread & Crafting

You might be wondering what french bread and crafting have in common.  Well for my last visit to College Station, Robyn had both in mind.  As I walked in the door, she started telling me about her fresh dough rising.  She was so excited about making bread for the first time.  After proofing the dough, punching it, shaping it, and making our own steam in the oven, our loaves turned out quite well.

Behold the French loaf.

Look at the texture and color.

The inside was just as good as the outside.

Paired with some butter, it made for a great afternoon snack.

We even had a little fun with it.  Robyn was in awe and adoration of her first loaf of homemade bread. At some point this turned into me taking too many pictures and her not getting to eat the bread – hence the funny faces.



This was only part 1 to all the things Robyn had planned for my two day visit.  That evening we went over to our Aggie family’s house and brought them some fresh baked bread.  Then beginning at about midnight we started working on this giant canvas Robyn had above her couch.  She bought it back in August  and hadn’t ever gotten around to finishing it.  It’s gone from a bright aqua blue, to a more muted “hospital art” tone, and then to a holey canvas with thumb tacks (pinterest inspiration).  We left the tacks in the canvas to sit overnight in case we might like it in the morning, but it just wasn’t working.  It was at that point that my plans with Whitney changed while Robyn and I made a quick Hobby Lobby run.

With our new canvas plan in mind, we set out to get it done!  Whitney loved the modification in plans and came over with projects in tow ready to make some progress.

First Robyn and I gooed the canvas.  I tinted the goo with paint and then we went to town. Having the tint in the goo, allows us to not be as careful when we paint over it.

At the same time, Whitney was pinning away on her boyfriend’s soon to be t-shirt quilt.

We piled the goo on thick so it would crack and be goopy.  With two fans blowing and then additional heat from a blow dryer, the good dried in about 30 – 45 minutes.

Sewing bee Whitney.

Robyn freely sketched the words onto the canvas based a particular font and then went over them with black.

Somewhere after this we painted the flower just like I would paint a small canvas.

When it was time to outline the flower, Robyn was a little nervous.  Black is a very scary color to paint.  When I came over, I suggested going over her original outline with a wide brush.  The difference speaks for itself.

Once the paint was dry, it was time to hit the flower with some stain.  The stain really tones down the bright colors and provides another layer of interest.  I put the stain on with a wide brush and Robyn wiped it off with a rag.  We were so busy doing this, that I forgot to take any pictures.

Four hours of work really paid off.

Here’s the scope of how big this canvas is.

And a magnified view of the texture, paint, and stain’s beauty.


This was by far our best canvas yet.  Maybe this will inspire you to pick up a paint brush and paint!

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2 Responses to French Bread & Crafting

  1. Megan Hlavinka says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  2. Lauren says:

    It looks so good! Ya’ll are very talented!

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