So much Joy!

It turns out I’m not so great at limiting my joy to one highlight for the day. Which isn’t such a bad thing.

Monday evening while at church I received this text.  Megan Lowe is the mom of all of the kiddos I babysit.  Turns out all the poop I cleaned up really did reap lots of joy for those around Miss Stana.  Sunday was her first night to sleep through the night without being fed!

I also find it so entertaining and funny at the number of offers that Megan has made to have me come live with them.


After church that night I came home to find this video from a friend on Facebook with a simple message: Come Awake for Lent!  The video is made by Ignitermedia which has a huge library of “mini videos that tell a big story.”  This video fits perfectly into their purpose.  It is a reminder that Christ is here and waiting for you.  Lent is not a time to complain and despise small sacrifices for Christ.  Rather, it is a time to draw closer to Him and share His love for you with everyone around you.  Jesus’ grace is sufficient.  Come Awake!

Yesterday evening was filled with so much joy!  I had the privilege of sitting in with a chronic illness group for teens at Wonders & Worries.  This group formed in the beginning years of W&W to provide a safe place for kids with chronic illness to meet others kids just like them.  Last night we celebrated the life a young man, a member of the group, who passed away February 15th.  There were four girls who were able to make it to the group and it was clear from the start that they didn’t need a facilitator.  They were fine catching up and sharing on their own.  I was so amazed at their insight and deep conversations they had about God, current struggles and challenges, life and death, and the things they miss about their friend they lost.  These ladies sat and enjoyed their friend’s favorite meal before diving into an hour or more of conversation.  Kim had plenty of activities ready and available, but the girls really needed time to catch up with one another.  For the last thirty minutes we played Minute to Win It games, a favorite of his.  We tried our luck at bouncing pencils on their erasers into a cup, getting one ping pong ball into 10 cups just from bouncing it on the table, and trying to catch ping pong balls in a basket on our head.  The games provided a great outlet for laughter and smiles.  It was a wonderful tribute to the friend they loved dearly.  I was very grateful for the opportunity to sit in on the group and help celebrate his life.

“Paradise is where I am.” {Voltaire}

see joy

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3 Responses to So much Joy!

  1. I am FIRST in line if you EVER decide to live with anyone to be a Nanny……you best NOT forget that!!!

  2. Beth Barry says:


    This is a neat blog! I hope you’ll keep writing. I love how you’ve captured the small joys of daily life. Very cool.
    Love, Chronic Mom

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