Canton with the Girls

It’s been almost three weeks since I last posted.  Wow.  Needless to say, I have not been sitting idle on the side lines watching life pass by.  Instead, I have been traveling, crafting, laughing, and receiving homegrown joy everywhere I am.  There is no easy way to rewind and catch y’all up.  I still have things from last summer to blog about.  Instead of going that far back, I decided to see where I left off from my iPhone pictures.  Searching through 538 pictures is hard work, but I narrowed it down to my Canton trip with the girls.  Sit back and enjoy some of our fun times together.

The weekend started on Friday evening cooking dinner, playing a card game Liza brought, and talking about Mexican cat rolls as we fell asleep laughing.  At some point Friday night, Liza asked all of us if if we could hear the ocean – note: we were at a lake, not beach! Saturday morning we were up and out the door bright and early.  Before we left, we snapped a few pictures with the lake.

We can’t forget Bella!

The day was spent walking, shopping, dreaming, and brainstorming how we could recreate some of the things we saw.  I passed this logo on a truck and loved the colors and pattern. At Canton, no one says a trailer can’t be cute too!

This lady made Desta’s day.  Shopping for guns, hair all done, junking at Canton – nothing is better.

After lots of talk about “Dog Town”, Liza, Desta, and I out voted Lauren to walk through it. Instead, we took a driving tour down this beaten path.

Dog Town is known to have any and all kinds of animals.  The only picture on my phone that turned out was this one of a heifer.  By no means is this a good representation of what is in Dog Town.  There are tons of different breeds of dogs, birds, ducks, chickens, horses, pigs, turkeys, donkeys, peacocks, and the list goes on and on.

Sellers pack up their campers and animals to set up shop every First Monday Weekend. Everything goes in this part of Canton.

I’m pretty sure this group of people is flocking puppies.

Dog town isn’t the only place you might see animals in Canton.  Tons of shoppers bring their dogs with them.  They may be decked out in clothing or riding high in a doggy stroller. A while back, my aunt and I spotted a monkey.  We told the girls about the monkey Friday night as we prepared them for what to expect.  Oddly enough, we saw the monkey on Saturday.  Lauren took no time to ask if she could take a picture with the monkey. Have you ever seen a monkey in pants?!

We ended our day at Paul Michael’s.  Outside, they have these awesome letters.  Liza and Desta took advantage of their grand appeal.

L is for Liza


F is for Franks (Desta’s last name)


We had lots of fun loving on the new furniture Paul Michael’s had on display.  Desta also had a proposal that she didn’t seem so sure about.


The weekend was a whirlwind trip for the girls, but left all of us asking why we hadn’t done this sooner.  I’m hoping Desta and Liza are game for finals studying at the lake in May.

Let’s rewind a little bit further.  You may remember me mentioning an annual New Year’s trip to Canton.  Well here’s the picture version of that trip.  It was all girls and so fun!


The parking for Canton is located on hilly fields.  This is just a few rows of our parking lot. The parking spans far beyond this picture.  Also, note all the white and green roof buildings.  These are trade centers, arbors, and pavilions.  There are about 11 buildings worth of vendors in addition to those outside.  First Trade Mondays are packed with shoppers and vendors!

A frequent happening on Canton trips is taking pictures of something, texting the picture to someone else, and asking if they want it.  In this case, my aunt was asking my uncle if this was the kind of mirror my cousin was looking for.  I like Robyn’s sneaky pose in the picture.

There are all kinds of vendors, pavilions, and goods sold at Canton.  Some people set their stuff up outside, while others elaborately decorate their slab of concrete.

My Aunt Kimber still had a boot on from her foot surgery, so she rode in style on a scooter. When needed, Robyn acted as the scooter valet (and did not appreciate me taking pictures of this).

Nights at the lake typically consist of dinner and games.  We did this one night, but the other night we went and played bingo with the locals.

First Monday Trade Days are a good thing.

Stay tuned for more blogs recounting my homegrown joy!

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  1. Momma says:

    Excellent synopsis!!!!

  2. Love those giant rusted letters.

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