Robyn Graduated!

I am thrilled to share pictures from Robyn’s graduation.  On Friday, she graduated with honors from Texas A&M with an architecture degree.  Our morning started with an early lunch at a cute Italian restaurant in downtown Bryan.  Downtown Bryan offers many rusty and vintage buildings for photo backdrops, but there is one brick building that is our absolute favorite.  This building has red brick accented with a bright turquoise and purple wall.  We had a blast taking pictures while trying to avoid squinty eyes from the harsh sunlight.  Enjoy the pictures from our mini photo shoot!

The graduate.

The Aggies.

The Family.

Jarrett & Robyn.

Robyn (captured via my dad).

The boys who do not like taking pictures.

Ready to graduate.

What 1 of 6 commencement ceremonies looks like at A&M.  Do you spy Robyn’s tie dye cap?

Robyn made her mark at A&M during her four years.  I am waiting with much anticipation to see how her dreams come to life as she continues  her journey at Carnegie Mellon University.  I am proud of you!


Your friend, sister, and favorite twin – Riley

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3 Responses to Robyn Graduated!

  1. Momma says:

    You couldn’t have done it any better! A fine tribute!

  2. Diana Thornton says:

    Fantastic pictures. Thanks for sharing them!!

  3. Dad says:

    Such a great day, so many memories and so much pride! Enjoyed your blog. Thanks for the photo credit!!! Love you!

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