More Graduation Tid Bits

A few things about Robyn.  She doesn’t really like cake and brownies are her favorite food next to meatballs, her homemade bread, and PW’s chicken-pot-pie (with a touch of powdered sugar).  With all of that in mind, I settled on making chocolate chip cookies and brownies for Robyn’s graduation.  I couldn’t just leave the cookies and brownies by themselves so I decided to whip up some butter cream icing too.  The icing worked splendidly for cookie sandwiches and a couple of brownie push pops.

How cute is this push pop?

Just when you think it can’t get any cuter, it does with the addition of some Washi Tape!

The treats were a sweet ending to our delicious lunch; however, my baking and crafting did not end in the kitchen.  A $5 frame had my name on it when I picked it up in the junk section of Canton a couple weeks ago.  I thought the frame would be nice as a fun prop for Robyn’s graduation pictures.  After some sanding and cherry red paint, I ended up with a cranberry red frame ready for some beautiful faces to be in it!


Unfortunately, this frame didn’t have any beautiful faces in it last weekend.  The frame was forgotten in Robyn’s car for our mini photo shoot.  This frame will have to wait for another occasion to be put to use.

More craftiness to come in the next days on Homegrown Joy!

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3 Responses to More Graduation Tid Bits

  1. Beth Cassidy says:

    Your frame…it’s so neat! How crafty you are!

  2. Frances Leist says:

    where do you get the pushy up things?

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