Decoupaged Goodness

Today I have a short post with highlights of decoupaged canvases.  First up is a brown paper sack canvas that I finished off with a brown & gold glaze and wiped off with a rag.


My latest canvases are for my two supervisors at Wonders and Worries.  You can see the whole process below.  I gooed the corners, decoupaged paper hearts, painted the background, and then embellished the canvases.

Lexi was my primary supervisor and loves the color yellow.  Her canvas is super cute!

Kim is Lexi’s supervisor, but was also played a major role in my practicum.  I don’t know what Kim’s favorite color is so I chose to go colorful.  I LOVE the results (and definitely thought about keeping this one)!

If you had to choose, which decoupaged canvas would you like waiting in your mailbox?

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2 Responses to Decoupaged Goodness

  1. I’m not typically a yellow person but I love how the yellow one turned out.

  2. Beth Cassidy says:

    You gotta teach me how to GOOOOOOOO!!!!

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