Hello July, Goodbye June

It’s amazing to think this month is almost over!  During June I’ve been rather busy with my online classes and practicum at Dell Children’s.  I keep reminding myself that all of this hard work is worth it (especially come December!).  In the meantime, I savor ever minute of my weekends.  They are the only time I have to not think so much about school or child life articles.  Over my past few weekends, I’ve checked off several craft projects and put to use some pinterest pins.  Here’s a run down of my month of June.

I made bunting!  I have been wanting to make bunting ever since it showed up on Pinterest.  I finally put to use fabric scraps and love the colorful results!!

Back in May, my former supervisor at Wonders and Worries, Lexi, went to the National Child Life Conference.  She was so sweet and brought me back some Child Life Swag.

I painted my own letters on this canvas order.  I’m pretty happy with the results.

At the same time I made this canvas, I finally tried painting this decorative molding piece I found in the junky section of Canton.

This 4×4 square turned out really cool with the chippy paint, goo, and spray mist.

For my practicum, I have been planning therapeutic activities in addition to collecting ideas for my dream hospital playroom project.  I am super excited about my Pinterest board and the possibilities.

A few weeks ago, I decided my “r” wall needed to be simplified.  I really like the results.

I love ball jars, especially during the summer.  These little jars came in handing to pre-package some delicious cauliflower mash I made.  I keep them in the freezer and defrost them in the fridge.  Talk about easy.

I recently saw on Pinterest, to store leftover green onions in a empty water bottle in the freezer.  Whenever you need some, you can pour them out for whatever recipe you’re making.  Well I put this to the test using a ball jar, and it works like a charm.  Cooking for one can be difficult, but tips like this simplify the cooking process.

More jar love!

With the new Buccee’s in town, New Braunfels gas has been extremely cheap.  Just last week, I filled up for under $3.  It was awesome!

This weekend my youngest brother, Jarrett, visited me.  All he wanted to do was visit one place.  Any guesses where I spent a few hours at?


Luckily the shade was cool and I got some reading done for my next assignment.  Cabella’s wasn’t the only place I got to wait while he had limitless shopping time.  We also went to Academy and a few outlets with me drawing the limits on going to a bike repair shop, RV/Camper place, and whatever else he saw off IH 35.  With Jarrett visiting, it also meant I finally got to get rid of Robyn’s couch pieces that have lived in my apartment since January.  My apartment feels like it has grown and is so nice with the empty space.

My latest crafting project was last night when I made a paper garland.   I had a box of stationary that I thought would make the cutest garland.  I punch scalloped circles and then sewed them together.  Super easy and cute!


I also have finally organized my ribbon scraps and filled these bulletin boards.


And as always, my dining room table should be called my crafting table.  It has looked like this for quite a while!

For the month of July, I have lots to look forward to.  I finish up my online theories class on the 6th and start my child development class on the 9th.  At Dell Children’s, I switch from my outpatient rotation to my inpatient rotation on the 9th as well.  I take my comprehensive exams for graduation on the 6th (lots of studying happening between now and then!).  In between all that school work, I have to prepare my internship applications and narrow my list of potential hospital sites.  Of course, I will find time to craft some more, but it sure looks like July is going to be one full month!

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4 Responses to Hello July, Goodbye June

  1. And I don’t see my mixer anywhere in those pics. 😦

  2. What are you making with the floral Texas A&M letters? Also, I’m getting ready to try the airplane mural. Any tips? Do you really think Modge Podge will transfer the ink onto the board?

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