Random pictures from July

I’ve had these pictures uploaded for half the month and have forgotten to blog about them. Get ready for a little mix of everything!

When I traded cars with Robyn for the summer, I took her a little care package filled with grey things.  I brought her a pom-pom scarf for Pittsburgh, some grey “with love” washi tape, and an assortment of my stationary she affectionately loves.  The only problem is I forgot to take a picture of all the goodies!

I was surprised at this colorful tile in a store’s bathroom.  I think there should be color everywhere because it brings so much joy!

I tried the new hibiscus refresher drink from Starbucks on their free drink day.  It wasn’t so good.  I was hoping for a fruity light drink, but found myself only enjoying the pretty pink color.

I made chicken roulade a few weeks ago (basically flattened chicken rolled up with some sort of filling).  Would you believe that these are skinless chicken breasts.  They roasted beautifully in the oven and tasted great too!

This suitcase has traveled with me for over a year without a new identity.  I think it is finally getting there.  It has a very vintage vibe with the old sewing patterns I modge podged and glazed on it.  It still needs a little something though.

I sent my first mail of the summer!  I’ve been slacking off in the happy mail department.  I’m hoping to finish the summer off strong.  Remember last year I sent flip flops, coke bottles, and a rolling pin in the mail!  Also note the old school address book – I may have an iPhone and embrace technology, but some things just aren’t the same as the originals.

Here’s a taste of some 4th of July art I made for examples at the Hemotology/Oncology clinic during my first rotation.  The first picture is straw art.  You take a straw, suck up a little paint (without ingesting it!), and then blow it over your paper.  The results are supposed to look like fireworks.

And last, but not least, a new little canvas (only about 5×5).  I was trying to do a mixed media canvas, but still need some help with how to achieve the best results.  This is a canvas I modge podged a old calendar page on, painted, and glittered.  I think I like the color on the sides better than the front.

Get ready for some little people pictures.  I have pictures of Eli, Charlotte, and Stana from July I’ve never blogged about.  Here’s to a Saturday filled with unexpected homegrown joy.

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