The next step

Many thanks goes to those who read yesterday’s long post.  Yall’s comments are another form of support and motivation for me which I appreciate so very much!  There will be plenty more talk about exercise and what I’m eating, so today I thought I would talk about child life internships.  After graduation, the next step is interning in a children’s hospital.  Child Life Internships are very competitive and typically offered in the fall or spring (sometimes summer too).  The postmark deadline for spring internships is September 5th.  I had that date in mind all summer as I began the time intensive process of finding internship programs, reading their requirements, and preparing my applications.  While on the great Pittsburgh trip, my list of 40+ hospitals was narrowed to 23.  In Pittsburgh, Robyn revamped my resume.  Our talents complement each other so well and I am very grateful for her Adobe skills.  My favorite parts of my resume are my name and side blurb.  “Do-goodery” – LOVE that!

Beginning in July, I worked on a list similar to this, writing down the required materials and notes about the hospital.

I chose to arrange my hospitals according to geographic locations in the U.S.  I applied to 8 Texas hospitals and 15 out of state.  When it came time to actually prepare my application packets, I had to have a method to the madness.  I started by preparing legal envelopes with each hospital’s address.  The stack of papers on the left of each envelope was any information I had printed about the application/internship process.  On the right of each envelope, I stacked any materials ready for the application.

My living room floor looked like this for almost a week.  I was hoping for just a few days, but had a few problems with recommendation letters.  One of my letters had another student’s name in it and another had the wrong time that I completed my practicum.  Once all of that was sorted out, it was time to stuff the envelopes.  Every application received a signed common Child Life application, resume, transcripts (official or unofficial), coursework review from the Child Life Council, letters of recommendation (2-3), and practicum hours verification.  In addition, some applications had additional essays, questions, or recommendation forms to include.

The Child Life Council claims they make the process easier by having a common application, but almost every hospital has requirements that take the “common” out of the application process.  I knew that I only wanted to do this application process once, so I chose to apply to as many hospitals as possible.  The ideal result of doing this is, is to receive more than one internship offer.  It would be wonderful to get to choose which hospital I intern at next spring.

With every application and lick of the envelope, I was saying a small little prayer.  The next picture shows my future in my hand; however, ultimately it is God’s plan that is going to be shown to me.  I have prepared as much as I can and now get to see where He wants me to go.

The packets weighed too much for me to put a stamp on them and stick them in a big blue box (and I was really hoping for a blue box picture).  The mail man was super nice and friendly as he prepared all 23 envelopes to be sent off.  Towards the end of the stack, I told him that he had my future for the spring in his hands.  He looked up and asked if they were job applications.  I said no, they are internship applications.  He said that is close enough and he hoped that I receive more than one offer.  I offered much thanks and said I hope so too.

The relief from mailing them off didn’t set in immediately, but now it has.  I think the interview process may be less stressful for me than the applying.  Here is a breakdown of the waiting process.

September 5th – application postmark deadline

September 6- October 8th – application follow up, 1st & 2nd round interviews

October 9th – internship offers given

October 10th – offer decisions due

That means in a little over a month, I will know something about my spring 2013.  This is exciting and anxiety provoking – but mostly exciting!  Please say a prayer for me.  If you are praying out of my mother, former family I babysat, or Wonders & Worries supervisor, Lexi’s, behalf, you will pray for an in-state internship.  If praying out of my friends’ behalf, you will pray for a tropical location internship (Hawaii or Florida spring break trips, anyone?).  And of course if you are praying for me, please pray for at least one offer and to find joy in the waiting!

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would have not a single bit of talent left and could say, “I used everything you gave me.”

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2 Responses to The next step

  1. Lauren P. says:

    How exciting! I’m still pulling for Hawaii!!! I wonder if Robyn could revamp my resume too?

  2. Momma says:

    Mom here – not necessarily – I could handle a trip to Hawaii. And Pittsburgh would be okay to take advantage of paying only one rent for the both of you! 😊

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