Friendly Visits

Before Robyn’s move, I was home for a few days to visit with family and friends.  I had many good visits with only one documented with pictures.  It was a very welcomed reunion to get together with Kathryn, Robyn, and Emilie.  The four of us have stuck together like the yaya sisters and girls on Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

We enjoyed some refreshing drinks at Sunny Hearts and caught up on 3 months worth of our lives.  A few hours later and one surprise visit by longtime friend, Weston, we went and had our toes done.  It was a great visit and left me in anticipation for when we would reunite again.

I always plan to visit with as many people as possible wherever I go.  At home I squeezed in visits with both sides of the family, Justin, and Mrs. Ward.  I missed some good friends, but no worries because I will be home again within the next month.

After I was back in San Marcos from the grand Pittsburgh trip, I had one week to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen since the middle of summer.  Stephen and I got together for a quick lunch visit one day.  We both shared in our Texas State inadequacies and enjoyed many laughs.  Later that night, Candace and I met in New Braunfels for hours of conversation and just a little bit of food.  When we get together, I always have to tell the waitress that it is going to be a LONG while before we order.  We are much more concerned about catching up with each other than eating dinner.  Candace is officially finished with nursing school and has a potential job lined up.  We have grown and changed so much since our Aggie Awakening leadership days; however, our friendship has stayed constant.  I am so glad we are within driving distance to see each other.

We took a picture before dinner, but after looking at it decided we needed a retake before we left.  The first one makes me laugh so much!  If you can’t tell, it was SUPER windy.


One of the many highlights of seeing friends was floating the river with some of my favorite College Station girls.  Thinking back to freshman year and how we all met sometimes boggles my mind.  God knew what He had in mind when made our paths cross.

Lauren and Desta drove in first to float the river with me.  We ended up choosing the San Marcos river and had a great time.  I had never floated it and figured I probably should before I graduate.  The end of the river has tiered rapids.  As we kept getting closer, we all were looking to see people go down the rapids.  It seemed like nobody was going down them.  We hung out deciding about the rapids and this middle-age woman comes to ask us about them.  We couldn’t offer any advice or stories since it was our first float.  She decided to go down them and survived, so I was all in.  If a 4o something year old lady can do them, so can I.  Lauren kept saying she was going to die and be the story on the news about the girl who dies in the rapids.  To me, the rapids are the best part of floating.  I held on to my tube, screamed, and survived.  They were so fun.  Meanwhile, Lauren decided to go down them after me.  She ended up flipping out of her tube on the first rapid and lost her tube too.  She wasn’t liking them quite as much as me.  It was pretty entertaining.  Desta was the keeper of the cooler so she got a free pass to skip them.  I wish I could have taken pictures of Lauren’s escapade.

The girls floated two more days in New Braunfels and I met up for dinner one night.  At that point, more Aggie friends had gotten into town.  We had a great dinner with so many conversations at our packed table.  I got to sit across from Liza who I hadn’t seen since April.  She and I talked almost nonstop about summer school, future trips, and funny happenings.  Being with friends brings me so much joy.

Our picture was taken in the dark, but completely captures the joy of our friendship.

Now with school back in session, I haven’t had as many friendly visits.  I have laughed more than ever playing walleyball with hometown friends.  It takes me back to the old days playing at Lake Jackson Rec.  I also got to catch up, over a delicious lunch, with my former supervisor at Wonders & Worries.  Lexi and I were meant to be friends – especially when it means I inspire her to get crafty!  We both meant to take a picture of the two of us and forgot.  The next time we will make it happen.

I’ve got a big College Station trip planned for this weekend.  This is just the start of my fall trips.  I’m super excited to see everyone I haven’t  seen since April and reunite with the girls.  I can anticipate the laughs, joy, and stories I will have to share next week.

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