The great move to Pittsburgh

At this point, I feel sure everyone reading knows that I helped move Robyn to Pittsburgh for grad school.  Read along about the 9 state journey.

Packed in a 16 foot Budget truck and Yogi the Yaris, we left Angleton before the sun was up.

To say we were a little excited, is an understatement.  We couldn’t wait to hit the road and head to Tennessee.

Mid morning we had a slight detour when we decided to travel the scenic route through Louisiana.  There were rice fields to see after all.  We stopped to gamble at Boomtown and see the river.  Then were back on the road.

Arkansas is consumed with interstates lined with pine trees.  That got old really fast, especially we we drove 30 miles in the wrong direction due to Mr. GPS (aka Dad).

Fourteen hours later, only 3 more than we expected, we arrived in Memphis Tennessee.  I was so happy to have a bed to sleep and rest.

That night we crammed into the Yaris as we attempted to find dinner at 11 pm.  Robyn’s packing meant the backseat rider only had 10 or so inches to sit, the passenger seat had 6 inches of leg room, and the drive had a roomier 10 inches of leg room.  We were packed tight.

Thursday morning we left Pittsburgh decked out in visors.

Kentucky was so pretty to drive through.

A mini detour over the Ohio River added another state to our list.

Hello Indiana!

Ohio was documented with my feet picture.  We were within hours of Pennsylvania.

We didn’t stop in West Virginia, but drove through the mountains before we hit Pennsylvania.  Almost there!!

Finally, Pittsburgh!

Tired, but grateful we made it.

The trusty atlas that got us from Texas to Pittsburgh.  Nobody needs iphones or GPS when  you can use an atlas.

The fearless drivers:

The grand total of miles we traveled (+ or – a few from the scenic route, wrong turns, and anything else).

Tomorrow is all about checking out Pittsburgh.

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One Response to The great move to Pittsburgh

  1. Lauren P. says:

    Dad looks so excited!

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