Pittsburgh Part Two

Once we were in Pittsburgh, it was time to unpack.  We dug out mattresses and sheets the night before, but we still had the rest of the truck to go.

There was stuff everywhere!  We got the furniture in the right rooms, but everything else was scattered all around.




Robyn wrote an entire post with her completely unpacked and decorated apartment over at Bobbins & Grace.  You should check it out.  I love her house and all of its quirky charm.  The natural light and original moldings make you forget about the creaky uneven floors.

This is the view from her living room window.  Actually, it is the window that her Christmas tree will be in.  It’s the perfect size for her little tree.

Her apartment is the entire second floor.  That skinny middle window is the Christmas tree window.  The one to the right is in her spare bedroom/office/extra room.

Her house is in an up-and-coming neighborhood.  When you step out of her house and look to the right, you can see the hood a few blocks down.

Across the street are revitalized houses.

Robyn definitely has a super cute apartment.  The thought of living there for my internship is kind of enticing!  The last part of Pittsburgh is coming tomorrow.  There are lots of instagram pictures documenting the city and our adventures.

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One Response to Pittsburgh Part Two

  1. Kathryn Head says:

    So Robyn lives close to the hood, huh? 🙂

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